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Cancer and the will power cure

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Remedy Description

I had chorio testicular cancer 22 yares ago.

I had the symptoms for several months before i was diagnosed

correctly. I had seen several doctors about my symptoms ..they all

misdiagnosed me.

The last doctor was a urologist.. he kept me hanging for a month...

testing and retesting.. of course never telling me he was testing for

cancer. With chorio you don't screw around... particularly when i had the

symptoms for months.. I guess he was hopping i would die before he would

have to do surgery..

I'm inclined to believe, all my docotors especially the last one was

trying to murder me because i was a long haired hippie.. And they were gods

in the ama relgion..

When finally diagnosed correctly i was given 4 weeks to live. The cancer

had spread all over my body to my lungs and atomach. One week after

starting chemo my blood markers were almost normal like..99% free. This

does not happen in advance chorio cases.. I continued the chemo for

another 3 months.. don't ask me why.. i should ran from that hospital

... and asked the da to charge my doctors with murder..

I attribute my healing to my belief that 1)I was sick 2) my body

wanted to heal it self 3) i had time not much but heh... 4 weeks is better

than 10 minutes. 4)power of belief that my body can heal

Having studied a little martial arts i wittness a lot of weird stuff..

I applied this knowledge to my healing. Like when you put your hand

thruough a piece of woood its not please, mybe its going thru the wood

no......its going thru the wood it 10 seconds not if ands or buts..

Note: if your hand does not go thru the wood... You are really going

to mess up that hand...

According you got to fight cancer the same way. Beleive in yourself

Ignore all doctors and machins that say your failing. Don't even think

about death... Just focus on healing yourself...and believe that your

body is healing.

I listen to a lot of tapes on using imagery Dr. Emmett Miller, Breathing

Music was my favorite. Also a book by Dr. Symingto, Getting Well, 1979,

talked about spontaneous remission of cancer.. He reasearched people who

were given up by their cancer doctors, but were alive 20 or 30 years

later.. Why cause they BELIEVED that they would be ok.

I was not your typical cancer patient. My doctors told me hair would

absoluteely fall withing 4 weeks no if, ands, or buts. Because of the

massive amounts of chemo i would get. I laughed at my doctors and

told me to stop scaring me. It doesn't have to happen. 2 months later

i still had my long hair nothing fell out. However, at that point i was

getting very weak from the chemo and couldn't even lift a gallon milk out

of the frig.. so it was either my hair of my life at that point.

Eventaully, every other hair fell out, so i wasn't entirely bald when i

fininished the chemo.

In fact the last time i went in for chemo, every 3 weeks i was

hospitalized for a week to get it.. the admiting nurse started giving my

the rap for a frist time cancer patient... i had to stop her ... and tell

her this is my last not my first time here...

Also i never had any severe reactions, like vomating to my chemo..

I got the best pot i could get my hands on.. which knocked me out in

10 seconds.. and basically slept thru my chemo.. My doctors were

impressed.. all they saw was the goverment pot...which didn't prevent

the vomitting.. but you didn't care if you vomited...

I did get sick with chemo once. But that was because, i was

not in a private room and would not let me smoke my pot. I vomited

for 5 straight hours..before they gave me comapzine to stop the


interesting during the period when i noticed my first symptom.. my

breast were sensitive..and diagnosis.. i became a raw foods

vegetarian.. and i let my taste decide my diet.. i ate a lot of food that

i later found out had anti-cancer properties... like yogurt, srouts, garlic

And, my tumor.. started to shrink.. usually cancer turmors grow and

get bigger...but my was getting smaller.. I recorded the meausurements i

took.. (My doctor later laughed when he say them.. hech i just took

finger measurements and wrote them down on a scrap of paper. I didnt

use calipers or high grade bond paper i guess) .. This was also one

of the reasons why i didn't believe i had cancer there..

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