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Diabetes and Pot cure

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Remedy Description

I have seen Pot or marijuana can lower your blood sugar, by 100 points,

within as little as 5 minutes. Almost as fast as sugar can increase it.

Remember, the munchy feeling you get after using pot, the urge to eat???

Well that's your blood sugar going up and your body saying eat eat!!!

Not all pot produces this effect. Serious research has to be done to

cultivate pot plants that have this effect. Thousands of plants would

have to be grown and cross breaded to create the perfect plant for

diabetics. If pot were used for diabetics there would be a lot more

happy diabetics in the country....

Type I and Type II diabetics claim to treat diabetes sucessfully with pot

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This remedy can also be used for:

pain, gluacoma, menstrual cramps, cancer, aids

Comment: pot works for Type I's

Submit Date: 31 Dec 2008
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pot works for Type I's


I am a 25 year old type 1 diabetic from the age of 10 and a half. For the past

14 years I have used marijuana, for the past ten years i have used marijuana on

a dialy basis, for the past 7 years I have used marijuana on a 24 hour basis

aside from sleep, strictly out of a vaporizer with an iced bong which virtually

gives no carbon deposits such as tar emmisions from normal smoking. With that

said I currently hold a PGA card, and own 3 successful web based companies,

“which allow me to not stress my body and to exercise at my leisure, as well as

wake up when my body is ready. not to create extra anxiety which causes a jump

in blood glucose. I do not want to sound self absorbed by voicing my

accompishments, I just want to notify people out there or the parents of

diabetic children that it is possible to do anything, I have A1C test of 6.2 and

I have not tested by blood glucose in over 8 years. My secrets to 20/20 vision,

a stable mindset, and 8% bodyfat is “peace of mind, financial freedom, tons of

exercise, healthy diet but i still cheat for sure, and last but not least, a

large supply of very good marijuana.