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Nosebleeds and the cayenne pepper cure

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Submit Date: 08 May 2002
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Author: jason hommel
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Treatment used: cayenne pepper or. red pepper, or chile pepper, or tabasco sauce
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Remedy Source: Student International Home Remedies Project
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Remedy Description

When you get a nosebleed, take some cayenne pepper right away. Red pepper, or chile pepper, or

tabasco sauce will do. Take about a teaspoonful. Your nosebleed should stop within 5 minutes or

less. Take cayenne pepper every day for the next few days or so, and try to eat foods spiced with

cayenne pepper on a more regular basis. Cayenne pepper acts to stop all kinds of bleeding very

quickly, you can even pour it directly onto a wound in an emergency. It helps keep vitamin C in the

body longer. Vitamin C helps keep blood vessels strong. If you stop taking large dosages of vitamin

C, you can get rebound scurvy, which can make bleeding worse. Cayenne pepper prevents this from

happening. Green Vegetables are a source of vitamin K, which is also needed in trace amounts by the

body to stop bleeding. Putting vaseline in the nose can help prevent nosebleeds from recurring

during that time when the nose needs to heal after you have recently had a nosebleed. Things to

avoid, which can cause excessive bleeding: asperine, alcohol, both of which thin the blood.

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