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Arthritis and the Certo cure

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Remedy Source: "Ask the Doctor", Dr. Peter Gott, newspaper columnist, June 1, 2004
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Remedy Description

Dear Dr. Gott: Please provide further information about the use of Certo for arthritis.

Dear Reader: Several years ago, I casually mentioned in this column that I had heard from some people whose arthritis had responded to Certo, and I asked

readers to educate me about the use of this product.

Since then, I've received scores of letters about this subject -- and I thank each reader for writing. Many of the letters were glowing testimonials, some

contained interesting anecdotes and

a few were intriguing. In the interest of space, here is a summary of what I have learned:

Certo is liquid fruit pectin, a product easily obtained in most grocery stores. (It is also available as a powder.) Certo is used in preparing jams and jellies.

Many patients who suffered severe pain from various types of arthritis were at the end of their ropes; traditional medicine, including prescription drugs, had

been ineffective in relieving their discomfort. Then, as a last resort, they tried Certo -- and it worked.

Although some folks added a tablespoonful (or a packet) to coffee, tea or orange juice once or twice a day (with good results), most readers indicated that they

achieved maximum benefit by mixing one to three tablespoons of Certo in a glass of unsweetened grape juice once or twice a day. (The amount can be varied

according to the severity of symptoms.)

Within a week, most arthritis sufferers experienced significant relief of pain. They then either reduced the dose or discontinued Certo altogether until they

had another flare-up of pain.

One reader mentioned constipation as a side effect, another described mild indigestion, but -- by and large -- Certo therapy is free of complications.

I have no direct, experience with this home remedy. Certo is inexpensive, easily obtained and harmless, and nany readers have testified to its effectiveness.

No one knows how it works, although one physician suggested that Certo renders lead insoluble in the body, somehow affecting arthritis by this reaction.

Regardless of its method of action, Certo appears to be a successful alternative in the treatment of arthritis. I make no guarantee about its efficacy, but if

even one reader gets relief from Certo, this column is worthwhile. To give you related information, I am sending you a copy of my Health Report “Understanding

Osteoarthritis.” Other readers who would like a copy should send a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and $2 to Newsletter, P.O. Box 167, Wickliffe, OH

44092-0167. Be sure to mention the title.


Another Certo formula:

I took 8-ounce of purple grape juice with 2 tablesppons of liquid certo... within 2 weeks I saw relief

from my arthritis

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