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Headaches and the banna peel , eyepatch and biotape cure

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Links: http://www.healpain.net/articles/banana.html

A headache Robert Houghton, Major USAF (Ret) suffer writes...

I have suffered severe headaches since 1967 when I fractured my back ejecting from a jet during combat in North Vietnam. I have the headaches almost 24 hours

a day. About a month ago Darrell gave me a headband to use for my headaches. These headbands are wonderful! I wear them almost constantly to prevent

headaches - even sleeping with it on. I notice that while I am wearing it I seldom have a headache. If I take it off, my headache is back within a minute.

I have loaned my headband to a number of persons suffering from headaches, sometimes for only a few minutes before they hand it back saying their headache is

gone. I highly recommend these headbands to anyone suffering from headaches."

thought. That was the first time in years that I didn't have almost c

Subsequent to writing the above letter Major Houghton injured his back and had severe pain (sciatica) clear to his foot. He taped his headband along the route

of pain from just below his knee down to his foot. The pain went away. He also reported that after wearing the headbands for about three months, the headaches

are now better and he doesn't have to wear the headband anymore. For the first time in 26 years, Robert Houghton is free of headaches!

This remedy first appeared in a Ann Landers' column in which it was suggested that a banana peel across the forehead and across the back of the neck would help

relieve headaches, perhaps because of the potassium in the peel.


Other headache remedies:

More tips for stopping headaches without drugs:

Dehydration is a major cause of headaches because dehydration pulls water from the brain. This causes the electrical signal's in the head to fail which may be

the cause of the pain. Drinking more water, with the chlorine removed by evaporation or through a carbon filter, could stop most of your headaches. (Distilled

or reverse osmosis water may not work because too many of the minerals have been removed to conduct an electrical signal.)

I was discussing the above phenomenon with Dr. Verl McBride, Ph.D. who has spent a lifetime successfully helping children and adults with learning disabilities

by synchronizing the hemispheres of the brain using patterning exercises.

Dr. McBride suggested another way to stop headaches: Put a patch over one eye. After several minutes if it doesn't work, try the other eye. Putting a patch

over one eye, visually eliminates the disharmony of the hemispheres of the brain which may be causing the headache. There are also several exercises that do

this. One is crawling on your hands and knees without turning the head with the eyes following the hands.

Another way to stop headaches is by taping "Biotape" across the forehead. (See "Pain Healed Immediately" at http://www.healpain.net..) Biotape cannot be used

over and over again like the silver Headache Bands, but it is effective for the same reason - it connects the "Blocked Chi" (broken electrical signals between

cells) in the forehead that the Chinese believe is the cause of pain.

I treated an elderly lady for chronic migraine headaches using Auricular therapy. Then I put a strip of Biotape across her forehead telling her to just try it

for an hour or two. "Just see if it helps," I said. "You don't have to leave it on because of how strange it will make you look." I saw her about 10 days

later and she still had the strip of black Biotape across her forehead. "You even wore it to church?" I asked. "Yes," she said. "I didn't care what anyone

thought. That was the first time in years that I didn't have almost constant migraine headaches.