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Eye Exersizes and Accupressure Points

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Remedy Source: Internal Exersizes, Dr. Stephen T. Chang, Tao Publishing,1986, pp 122-126
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Browse: eye exersizes accupressure

Remedy Description

Source: Internal Exersizes, Dr. Stephen T. Chang, Tao Publishing,1986,

pp 122-126

Eye Exersizes

The eyes are the openings to the liver. People who suffer from eye

problems usually suffer from liver disorders and vice-versa. As anger is a

symptom of liver dysfunction in Taoist theory, people who use their eyes

too much may become angry. The Internal Exercises for the eyes will

strengthen both the eyes and the liver and help such serious disorders as

cataracts, astigmatism, nearsightedness, glaucoma, and liver problems.

The eyes, specifically their movements, are indicative of an individual's

intelligence. People who are clever have large eye movements and are

always exploring their environment. Slow eye movement or a lack of eye

movement indicates a repressed level of intelligence, which may also be

helped through stimulation of the eyes.

Poor blood circulation, indicated by dark circles under the eyes, can also

be helped by doing the Eye Exercises. Poor blood circulation results from

long periods of inactivity, such as those spent in front of a television


Often the first signs of sluggish circulation are chilly sensations, which

result when the body temperature rises above room temperature, causing

the surroundings to be cooler than the body. Like car engines, our bodies

need cool liquids to circulate through them and remove heat. If circulation

is sluggish, body temperature goes up. Then the blood "boils", forms

skins, and forms clots. So in order to prevent blood clots, the Eye and


Internal Exercises should be done, especially when television is being


Doing the Eye Exercise can also help bags or puffiness under the eyes

which indicate water retention or bad metabolism.

1. Place thumbs on rim of the eye sockets at the upper inside comer

of the eyes. There is a slight depression in the bone at the correct

point. Those points are designated by the letter A in figure 55a. Press

in deeply. Any pain indicates some blockage. Then massage the

points for a count of 10. Release. Repeat for a total of 3 times.

2. Next, place index fingers in the small depressions at the middle of

the lower eye sockets-points designated by B. Press in deeply on the

rims, not cheekbones. Massage for a count of 10. Release. Then

repeat for a total of 3 times.

3. Then, place index fingers on lower eye socket 1/4 of the distance

from outside comers of the eyes. (Look for letter C in figure 55d.)

Press and massage for a count of 10. Release. Repeat for a total of 3


4. Place middle fingers on top of eye sockets about 1/3 of the distance

from the outside comers of the eyes. (Look for letter D.) Press and

massage for a count of 10. Release. Repeat for a total of 3 times.

5. Place middle fingers on the temples by coming out from the end of

the eyebrows and locating soft depressions on the sides of the head

(point E). Press and massage for a count of 10. Release. Repeat for a

total of 3 times.

6. Palming. Rub hands together briskly until they are quite warm.

Cup the hands over both eyes, fingers slightly crossed, right over left.

Do not press the eyes. Hold for a count of 10. Then repeat for a total of

3 times, always feeling the warmth entering into the eyes from the


7. Then rub eyes lightly with three middle fingers. Rub the bones

around the eyes in a circular motion, starting from the inside comer of

each eye next to the nose. Rub up the bridge of the nose, across the

eyebrows, towards the temples, down and back around the lower rims

of the eye sockets to the nose again. Do this 10 times. Pause. Repeat

for a total of 3 cycles.

NOTE A: Rubbing in the opposite direction will weaken the eye

muscles and cause wrinkles to appear. Always use a natural, heal-

ing cream as a lubricant.

NOTE B: For cataract or glaucoma, practice the first seven eye

exercises up to 20 minutes daily. Whenever your eyes are tired, do the

Eye Exercises, as they will completely revitalize your entire body in

minutes. It is also good to do them in conjunction with exercises

which strengthen the liver.

NOTE C: Once you have located the painful points, it is not necessary

to continue pressing hard on these points. When you are doing the Eye

Exercises, even a very light touching of the points will accomplish the

purpose of the exercise, which is to restore normal vision.

NOTE D: Use the first two points (A and B) for diagnosis. If it is

painful at all when you press in deeply, then there is something wrong

with the eyes and/or body. If it is puffy or dark under point B, water

retention or lack of proper rest is indicated.

One may also practice additional exercises which will strengthen the

eyes and the muscles surrounding them.

1. Begin by keeping the head straight, but with the eyes first looking

up toward the ceiling and then down at the floor. Repeat this motion

several times. The eyes should always move slowly and with deliber-


2. Next, look to either side of the head.

3. Then look up and down into the opposite comers of the eyes.

4. Then rotate the eyes first in a clockwise direction, then in a

counterclockwise direction. This will take about ten minutes to per-

form when done slowly.

5. Always follow these eye movements with a rubbing of the hands

and a pressing of the palms onto the eyes to bring heat and energy into


If you practice these exercises consistently over a period of time, you

may never need glasses to see clearly.

A student of mine and his family benefited greatly from the Eye Exer-

cises. His problems first began after he left his job in the computer

department of a San Francisco telephone company for a better job in San

Jose. Because he was working as a trainee on three months probation at the

San Jose company, his wife-then working as a nurse in a San Francisco

hospital-could not leave her job and move away from San Francisco. Plus

their house and four children were in San Francisco. So even if he was

tired after hours of heavy concentration and computer training, he still

had to drive for a total of 3 hours to and from work and fight traffic.

When he did get home, he was overwhelmed by the demands of his four

children. Not being able to stand the noise any longer, he retreated to

his bedroom,locked the door, and collapsed on the bed. It was not long

before his miserable outlook on life, lack of appetite for his wife's

cooking, and indifference toward family and marital matters started

explosive fights between him and his equally strained wife. Soon they

agreed to a divorce. But before they took any legal action, they came to

my office seeking advice. After carefully listening to both husband and

wife, I discovered that they still loved each other and that the only

things tearing them apart were the stress and tension of overwork. I

therefore asked them to delay taking any legal action for two weeks,

enough time to let the Eye Exercises take effect. I gave the husband the

instructions for the exercises and asked him to do them when he drove on

the emptier and safer sections of Highway 280. He could exercise both eyes

by steering with the right hand as he exercised his left eye with his left

hand and then switching hands to do the other eye. A month or so later

they both came back to my office bearing a gift. The husband said the Eye

Exercises performed a miracle on their lives. When he exercised his eyes

as he drove, he was never tired when he reached home-he felt completely

refreshed. He was able to play with his children, answer their questions,

even help them do their homework; his appetite returned; he was able to

fulfill his marital duties; and he was able to concentrate on his job and

pass probation smoothly. Afterward, he was formally hired, and he was able

to sell the house in San Francisco and move to San Jose. His wife also

found a new job in San Jose, and their children were happy. They said they

were starting a new life with more love for each other than ever before.

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