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AIDS: foods to eat and avoid

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Remedy Source: Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, Daniel Reid, Fireside, New York, pp 124-125
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Remedy Description

Source: Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, Daniel Reid, Fireside, New

York, pp 124-125


AIDS is a disease of the immune system which has only recently been

recognized. Therefore, no specific cures have yet been proven to be

effective. The raw juice therapy recommended below is not claimed as a

cure but rather as a highly effective adjunct to whatever other therapies

are being used. Since AIDS directly attacks the immune system, it is a

logical approach to tonify the immune system as a basic part of therapy.

Tonifying the immune system involves a two-pronged approach: remov-

ing morbid wastes from the system which suppress immunity and resist-

ance; ingesting organic nutrients which repair and strengthen the immune

system. Fasting is by far the most efficient method of removing morbid

wastes from the body, and raw fruit and vegetable juices are by far the

most potent sources of the organic nutrients required to repair the body.

Carrot juice: as the best overall vegetable juice for detoxifying the

system and repairing damaged tissues, carrot juice is an excellent

supplement to the diet of AIDS victims. It has specific affinity for the

adrenal glands, which by virtue of their hormone secretions bolster the

entire immune system and help regulate the whole endocrine system. It

detoxifies the liver, which is responsible for filtering and nourishing

the blood. It is the blood which carries immune factors to the various

tissues of the body. At least la quarts of freshly extracted carrot juice

per day is recommended.

Beet juice: beet juice has strongly detoxifying properties, especially in

the liver, bloodstream, and kidneys, owing to its high organic chlorine

content. It is rich in potassium, which balances metabolism. Its organic

iron content help build 'strong blood' by enriching the red corpuscles,

which by virtue of their hemoglobin carry oxygen to the tissues. Take

8 oz twice daily, preferably on empty stomach, or mix 8 oz with 8 oz

carrot juice and take twice daily.

Grapes: raw dark grapes are such an effective remedy for so many serious

ailments when taken as an exclusive diet for up to one month that this

therapy is well worth trying in cases of AIDS. 'Incurable' cancers have

in many cases been completely cured with this therapy, when properly

administered. Since AIDS is also regarded by conventional medical

practice as 'incurable,' raw grape therapy may be helpful, although no

studies have yet confirmed this. Therapy indicates 2-4 pounds of

grapes per day, for up to one month at a time.

Garlic: fresh raw garlic, in bulk or juice, is one of the most effective

natural antibiotics on earth. It has been shown to kill many germs which

are resistant to penicillin. It also eliminates intestinal parasites. Among

the many symptoms of AIDS are a wide range of infections caused by

the body's lack of normal immune factors. Daily doses of raw garlic or

garlic juice help protect the body from all sorts of germs and parasites

to which AIDS victims are vulnerable. This prevents the onset of

severe infections during other forms of therapy against the AIDS virus

itself. Note that the garlic must be fresh and raw. Odorless refined

substitutes do not contain the active enzymes responsible for its

therapeutic benefits. 6-12 cloves of fresh raw garlic daily, either

crushed and stuffed into gelatin capsules for ingestion, or extracted

juice. It's best to take it in two doses to ensure steady absorption

throughout the day.

Foods to avoid: eliminate all cooked meat and eggs and all pasteurized milk

and milk products, in order to avoid protein putrefaction in the

system, which damages the immune system; all refined sugars and

starches; deep-fried foods; artificial preservatives and additives.

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