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Cancer: foods to eat and avoid

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Remedy Source: Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, Daniel Reid, Fireside, New York, pp 123-124
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Remedy Description

Source: Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, Daniel Reid, Fireside, New

York, pp 123-124


According to both traditional Chinese medicine as well as more enlight-

ened studies in the West, cancer occurs when a mass of cells in various

tissues become so toxic and starved of organic nourishment that they can

no longer breathe properly, i.e. they can no longer eliminate wastes and

absorb nutrients. Hence, they literally 'ferment' in their own toxic

wastes, mutate, and become cancerous tumors. This condition can be caused

by a number of factors: primary cause is chronic poor diet, heavy in cooked

meats, eggs, and refined starches and sugars and poor in raw food,

enzymes, organic nutrients. Insufficient circulation of essence and

energy due to lack of exercise and shallow breathing are contributing

causes. Chronic stress and depression also play a role by poisoning the

bloodstream with toxic by-products of adrenalin and other 'fight or flight'


First and foremost therapy is detoxification with a series of 7-10 day

fasts with daily colonic irrigations. Thereafter a diet of raw fruit and

vegetable juices is indicated. Breathing exercises are extremely beneficial

to cancer patients, in conjunction with detoxification and proper organic

nutrition, because they circulate the nutrients to the cells, and suffuse

all tissues with abundant supplies of chee.

Carrot juice: this is perhaps the best vegetable juice for detoxifying

tissues. It also helps alkalize the bloodstream, which in cases of toxemia

is always highly acidic. Raw carrot juice delivers abundant supplies of

readily assimilable vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to diseased cells,

giving them the fuel they require to sluff off wastes and rebuild cells.

75-year-old Jay Kordish, who today promotes raw juice diets in

America, was cured of bladder cancer at age 25 with a blend of raw carrot

and apple juice, taken a glass at a time every hour 13 times a day under

the supervision of the great raw juice therapist Dr Max Gersen. Drink at

least U quarts freshly extracted raw carrot juice daily, in conjunction

with breathing and other exercises, for as long as therapy is required.

Grapes: raw grapes, especially the dark variety, are renowned as excellent

cancer therapy when taken as an exclusive diet for prolonged periods.

Entire sanatoriums in Russia are devoted to this cure. Grapes detoxify

all tissues and organs and restore organic integrity to starved cells. In

1925, South African Johanna Brandt cured herself of cancer with an

exclusive grape diet and wrote a book about it called The Grape Cure. She

recommends 2-4 pounds of dark grapes per day, for a week to a month

or more, chewing the skins and seeds as well.

Cabbage juice: fresh raw cabbage juice has been proven to cure severe

ulcers in the stomach, duodenum, and intestines. As such, it is also an

effective therapy for cancers of the stomach and intestinal tract. High

concentrations of organic chlorine and sulphur in raw cabbage cleanse

the mucus membranes of the stomach and intestinal tract, where

cancerous tissues often form. It is generally recommended to take

cabbage juice in combination with raw carrot juice, due to its strength.

4 oz cabbage juice/8 oz carrot juice, 3 times daily.

Raw beet juice: beet juice is highly beneficial as a liver detoxifier and

blood cleanser. In cases of cancer, therefore, it purifies the bloodstream

so that the blood can do its work of detoxifying the body and delivering

nutrients to starved cells. By detoxifying the liver, it further promotes

clean blood, which is filtered by the liver. Also indicated in cases of

liver cancer. 8 oz of pure beet juice, twice daily, or 6 oz beet/6 oz

carrot, 3 times daily. Tablets and dry crystals of pure beet juice extract

are also very good.

Foods to avoid: all animal products, especially proteins and fats, i.e. no

cooked meat, fat, eggs, milk, etc.; all refined sugars and starches;

carbohydrates; oils; eat only fresh raw fruit and vegetables, juices and


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