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Impotence :foods to eat and avoid

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Remedy Source: Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, Daniel Reid, Fireside, New York, pp. 118-119
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Remedy Description

Source: Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, Daniel Reid, Fireside, New

York, pp. 118-119


A condition of male sexual dysfunction, in which erection cannot be

attained, or maintained sufficiently to complete sexual intercourse; other

than psychological factors, common contributing causes include nervous

exhaustion, depletion of sexual glands due to excessive ejaculation,

insufficient nutrition for the reproductive organs and glands, and excess

acid toxicity; therapeutic fasts in conjunction with colonic irrigations

have corrected even the most stubborn cases of impotence, when followed up

with proper nutrition.

Carrot, beet, cucumber juice: this is one of the strongest kidney

alkalizers and cleansers and helps heal damage to the urogenital canal,

bladder,prostate, suprarenal glands and other parts directly affected by

excess acid toxicity in the kidneys; also provides vital organic nutrients

for their repair and maintainence; 10 oz/3 oz/3 oz, 2 pints daily.

Bananas: ripe raw bananas are very rich in potassium, tryptophan and

other nutrients that restore the nervous system and thus help eliminate

impotence; they also contain enzymes that help manufacture sexual


Pumpkin seeds: nature's most nourishing food for the male prostrate

gland, dysfunction of which is a common cause of impotence; 2-3 oz of

raw seeds daily.

Oysters: raw oysters are rich in zinc, which is vital for prostrate health

and sexual functions; they also contain active enzymes and hormones of

benefit to the reproductive system.

Wheat germ oil: a potent source of organic vitamin E, which is vital for

manufacture of sexual hormones, and also helps eliminate nervous

exhaustion; 1-2 tsp daily, preferably after meals.

Lecithin: male semen consists largely of lecithin, and thus lecithin helps

build strong and abundant semen, deficiency of which is one cause of


Bee pollen: contains enzymes and other elements that stimulate produc-

tion of sexual hormones; 3-6 capsules per day.

Other beneficial foods: sunflower seeds; carrot juice; raw spinach; shrimp

(preferably raw or very lightly steamed); seaweed (kelp); ginger root;

celery seeds; raw garlic; beet juice; raw egg yolk; black grapes, black


Foods to avoid: refined starch and sugar, especially white bread, sweet

pastries and sweet soft drinks; overcooked meat, especially hamburger

meat on white bread; all meat and other foods preserved with potas-

sium nitrate (saltpeter); vinegar (except apple cider vinegar); strong

coffee and tea.

This remedy can also be used for:

Reproductive System, genitals, suprarenal glands,

prostate, testes, urogenital canal