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Pneumonia: foods to eat and avoid

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Remedy Source: Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, Daniel Reid, Fireside, New York, p 108
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Remedy Description

Source: Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, Daniel Reid, Fireside, New

York, p 108


Severe inflammation of lung tissues owing to vicarious elimination of

highly toxic wastes through the respiratory system, which becomes

infected by pathogenic bacteria as a result; due largely to excessive

long-term consumption of pasteurized milk, refined starch and sugars; at

the turn of the century, Dr J. H. Tilden of Denver, Colorado, treated

thousands of cases of pneumonia using only two methods: fasting with

daily colonic irrigations, and nutritional therapy; no drugs, no surgery;

and he never lost a single patient! Therefore, fasting and colonic

irrigation are the first and foremost defense against this dangerous


Horseradish and lemon juice: same as for asthma; provides quick relief from

mucus congestion.

Carrot, celery and radish juice: dissolves mucus; alkalizes bloodstream and

respiratory tract; accelerates detoxification and thus restores natural

immunity; 8 oz/5 oz/3 oz, 1 pint daily.

Carrot and spinach juice: detoxifies colon and restores normal bowel func-

tions, thereby taking excretory load off the respiratory system; 10 oz/

6 oz, 2 pints daily.

Other beneficial foods: cranberry (as for asthma); raw garlic; whole lemon

puree (as for colds); molasses.

Foods to avoid: all refined starch and sugar; pasteurized milk and all

dairy products; all cooked foods, especially meat and eggs,