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Bladder inflammation: foods to eat and avoid

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Remedy Source: Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, Daniel Reid, Fireside, New York, p 100
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Remedy Description

Source: Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, Daniel Reid, Fireside, New

York, p 100.

Bladder inflammation (cystitis)

This common condition is the result of excess acidity in the bladder due to

incomplete digestion of meats and starch; the by-products of incomplete

digestion form uric acid crystals which irritate the lining of the bladder

and eventually form painful bladder stones.

Carrot, beet, cucumber juice: this blend exerts a potent alkalizing

influence in the bloodstream and the kidneys, thereby neutralizing the

excess uric acid that inflames kidneys and bladder and forms stones there;

10 oz/3 oz/3 oz, 2 pints daily.

Watermelon: one of nature's safest and most dependable diuretics, water-

melon has a remarkable ability to wash out the bladder quickly and

completely; the most effective therapeutic use is to refrain from all other

food and drink for 24 hours and eat a few small chunks of fresh

watermelon every 5-10 minutes throughout the day; this will cause an

incredible excretion of fluids from the bladder.

Cucumber (bulk or juice): raw cucumbers are an excellent diuretic with

specific affinity for the bladder; as juice, mix 1/3 cucumber with 2/3

carrot, 2 pints daily.

Pears: ripe raw pears are almost as good as watermelon for correcting

bladder inflammation; use them in conjunction with a 24-hour fast, a

bite or two at a time, like watermelon therapy.

Other beneficial foods: asparagus, raw beet juice (8 oz sipped slowly

throughout the day), barley water.

Foods to avoid: salt, soy sauce; strong coffee and tea; salt-preserved

foods; ooked meats.

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