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Colds and foods to take and avoid

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Remedy Source: Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, Daniel Reid, Fireside, New York, pp 106-107
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Remedy Description

Colds are caused not by germs, but rather by accumulations of toxic

mucus in the nasal passages that prevent the normal bathing and cleans-

ing of nasal and sinus passages by clear moving mucus; germs then attack

these toxic wastes, generating even more mucus and inflaming nasal and

sinus passages; the best cure for a severe cold is a 3-day therapeutic fast

with twice-daily colonic irrigations, followed by nutritional therapy to

prevent recurrence.

Horseradish and lemon juice: same as for asthma.

Lemon juice: take the juice of one or two lemons and mix with a glass of

warm distilled water, then sip slowly, 2-3 times daily; helps dissolve

and eliminate excess mucus throughout the system, thus preventing its

vicarious excretion through the lungs and nasal membranes.

Whole lemon puree: puree a whole lemon (with skin, fiber and seeds) in

blender with a cup of distilled water, and drink slowly; flavor with 1

tbsp molasses, if desired, but no sugar; dissolves mucus, restores

mucus membranes; biflavonoids in skin and fiber assist in restoring

tissue integrity in respiratory system.

Other beneficial foods: carrot juice; raw radishes; cranberries (as for


raw spinach; raw garlic; molasses.

Foods to avoid: pasteurized milk and all dairy products; all cooked food;

all refined starch and sugar; eat nothing but raw fruit and raw vegetable