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Rheumatism and foods to take and avoid

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Remedy Source: Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, Daniel Reid, Fireside, New York, pp 104
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Remedy Description

Closely related to gout, rheumatism is caused by heavy retention (

acid, which eventually is absorbed into muscles, where it crystallize

condition is further aggravated by heavy consumption of cooked a

proteins, which cannot be properly digested and metabolized wh(

system is saturated with excess uric acid.

Carrot, beet, cucumber juice: this potent alkalizing blend dissolves urii

crystals in muscle tissue and kidneys; 10 oz/3 oz/3 oz, 2 pints (

taken in 6 equal doses throughout the day. '

Lemon juice: dissolves and neutralizes uric acid crystals, thereby fac

ing their rapid elimination through the kidneys; take the juice o:

whole lemon in a tumbler of warm distilled water (with no sugar),

times throughout the day; efficacy is doubled if taken mid-waj

tween doses of carrot, beet, cucumber juice.

Spinach: raw spinach helps dissolve uric acid crystals in blood and ti

and cleanses the lower bowels of the putrefactive wastes that

tribute to accumulations of excess acidity; 6 oz with 10 oz carrot ji

1-2 pints daily. .

Other beneficial foods: parsley; asparagus, grapefruit juice (mixed 1

distilled water); cabbage; dark grapes, raw tomatoes.

Foods to avoid: cooked meats; refined starch and sugar; salt and i

preserved foods; hot peppers; mustard.