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Earache and baby oil cure

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Treatment used: baby oil
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Remedy Description

Ingredients: Any brand of baby oil, cotton balls, eye dropper or a Q-tip.

As a child I suffered with extreme earaches and the only thing I found to

alleviate the pain was this remedy from my mother.


1. Warm a small amount of baby oil to the point that it feels warm to the

touch(Heat on stove top on low heat or use hot tap water from the faucet).

2. Fill the eye dropper with enough oil so that two drops can be placed in

the infected ear. If using a Q-tip, submerge one end into the oil until it

drips with oil and drip the oil into the infected ear.

3. Enclose the ear canal with a portion of a cotton ball and lie down with

the bad ear facing the sky. (Ear should feel better within 5-10 minutes)

**Keep in mind this is a remedy to alleviate pain, not a remedy for the

cause of the earache. Should pain continue for more than a day seek

medical attention immediately.

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Comment: Good remedy, good for water in the ear from swimming or shower .

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Good remedy, good for water in the ear from swimming or shower .


Heat on a tea spoon with a lighter and put finger in spoon until it cools and

then take spoon tip and touch ear with spoon tip, if spoon tip is hot on ear

wait until spoon tip is not hot just a little past luke warm and then pour into

ear and have a peice of cotton ready and lay down like the person said with the

bad ear facing sky, best to take a nap so it has plenty of time to do its job

but never be in a hurry, never let that spoon be hot and dont let the oil get

too cool or it will defeat the purpose. If it gets too cool just heat it again

until you are comfortable with the tip of the spoons temp then pour and lay

down with cotton in the ear for atleast 2 hours. This remedy has always worked

for me.