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Earache and the hair dryer cure

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Submit Date: 07 Jul 2006
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Treatment used: hair dryer
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Country of Remedy: USA
Remedy Source: International Student Home Remedies Project
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Remedy Description

I ran across your page and decided to submit an earache solution that

really works wonderful. My brother had earaches all through his toddler

years. My mother laid my brother on the couch with the ear that was

causing pain up. She used a hair dryer about 6-8 in. away from ear on

low setting forabout 10-15 minutes. EARACHE WAS GONE and it has worked

ever since.

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Comment: blow drier in ear cure...Works!!!!!!

Submit Date: 28 Jan 2010
Author: latishia
Email Address: tish@usa.com
More Links about this Remedy: http://www.otan.us/webfarm/emailproject/earusa.htm

blow drier in ear cure...Works!!!!!!


this really does work i went to the doctors three times back to back the gave

me medicine but it didnt work but this does thanks