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Tatoo removal and the fading cream (superfade) cure

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Submit Date: 21 Apr 2006
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Treatment used: fading cream cure
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Country of Remedy: Australia
Remedy Source: internet search matched same active ingredient as expensive tattoo removal creams to this product
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Remedy Description

Skin fading creams (such as "superfade" etc) contain the active

ingredients hydroquinone and salicylic acid. This is the same active

ingredient as the tattoo removal creams.

The tattoo removal systems are 3 step:

1) a scrub to prepare the skin

2) the cream containing the active ingredient which is allowed to soak in

for 10 mins before applying step 3

3) a soothing moisturiser usually containing something like aloe vera.

Repeat twice a day.

Only step two is necassary to get results, progress is slow (takes months

to see results) and may not totally remove the tattoo but is painless,

scarless, cheap, you can do it at home and has no downtime. In two months

I saw a similar result to one laser treatment. It does temporarily remove

pigment colour but it seems to tan once exposed to sun/fake tan, I have

not seen any other skin colour abnormalities so far but I'd say use

caution if you are dark and wear sunscreen because the area can be sun

sensitive during treatment.

This remedy can also be used for:

fading freckles, age spots and birthmarks

Comment: Superfade fading

Submit Date: 19 Nov 2009
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Superfade fading


Hey all,

I have heard that Superfade Original Cream has worked to fade tattoos, has any

one actually tried this?