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Abdominal Breathing for Tonsillitis & Diarrhea Cure

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Submit Date: 20 Aug 2005
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Author: toufic h. chahine
Email Address: toofeek.shaheen@gmail.com
Treatment used: breathing
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Remedy Description

Abdominal Breathing for Tonsillitis & Diarrhea

I used to have frequently reoccurring acute tonsillitis until I started

doing this simple movement. For the last two years, the most 'serious'

symptom that I had was, tingling tonsils that disappeared overnight.

I think that tonsillitis, especially for people whose tonsils are

sensitive like mine, occurs because of bad posture which pressures the

stomach and consequently presses food residues up the esophagus to

deposit on the tonsils, and create the notorious bacteria.

The simple maneuver is as follows:

Stand straight.

Stretch the neck up a little.

Lower the shoulders a little.

Move the chin up a little.

Open the mouth wide open. (Donít over do it)

Stick the tongue out as much as possible. (Donít over do it)

While in the position described above, do abdominal breathing. (Your

stomach, not your intestines, should inflate and dilate). (Again, donít

over do it)

Make sure the air is coming up from your mouth, and not your nose.

Of course, this is a personal experience with no medical support or

proofs what so ever. It improved my life radically, as I can carry out my

daily life activities with better health and more confidence. I hope that

other people would be able to benefit from my experience. However,

whoever tries the above should do it at her/his own risk. It seems to be

very rudimentary and safe, but I am not sure whether it might have any

adverse effect for certain people in particular cases.

If you have any further comments you can contact me at


Happy recovery,

Toufic H. Chahine

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