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Nail Fungus and the Vinegar, Myrrh, and Calendula, or Citurs Acid Cure

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Submit Date: 22 Mar 2004
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Treatment used: vinegar, myrrh, and calendula
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Remedy Source: Diabetes and the Hypoglycemia Syndrome,Thrash, New Lifestyle Books,Seale, AL, p.95-96
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Remedy Description

"Scrape the dark discolartion off the nail completely with a

sharp scissor or knife blade (Editor I would scrape it off with

a scissor nail cutting tool) . The fungus is in the discolored area.

Scrape the entire nail until it is thin. Several sessions of scrapping

may be required to get rid of all the fungus off. Then a apply a

drop of solution made from the following recipe twice a day:

2 cups of vinegar

1/2 oz of myrrh

1/2 oz of calendula

Pour all the ingredients into a glass jar with a tight lid and allow

it to soak in a dark place for 3 weeks. shake the jar twice a day.

After 3 weeks drain the solution, rinse the jar, discard

the herb and store the liquid back in the jar.

You can start using the solution from the first day that you mix it

even though it does not reach full potentcy untill 3 weeks end.

Plain vinegar is also helpful. If you are sensitive to vinegar

use 2 cups of water and add 2 tablespoons of citirc acid. You can

buy citric acid at a store selling canning supplies.

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