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Carpral Tunnel and the DMSO cure

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Submit Date: 06 May 2003
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Treatment used: dmso
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Remedy Description

The solvent DMSO,

Dimethylsulfoxide was popular as an informal sports-medicine

treatment for althletic-type soft-tissue structural injuries through

the mid-late eighties, nineties, useful for treating injured, strained

and slightly torn, ripped connective tissue, ligaments, cartilege --

it's a super-penetrant solvent, great for facilitating absorbtion of

meds, assisting getting medication past the blood-brain barrier, and

for topical penetration into joints, etc., helpful for relieving

swelling by dilating blood-vessels, improving oxygenation and

blood-flow to affected areas (for body's healing through improving

volume of white-blood cells, flow of cell-repair chemicals, preventing

broken-down cell wall integrity and spread of injury, ie.,

black-and-blue bruising from tissue-injury contamination of cell-decay

products, etc. DMSO helps improve cellular integrity and is naturally

bacteriostatic--I've used it in moderation with herbal oils to heal

skin-breakdown -ulcers, like a bedsore, with great results; Can also

be mixed with antiobiotic ointments for skin abrasions, cuts,

blisters, scrapes, etc.

I'd suggest perhaps intermittant, occasional (3, 4 X week) light

massage with DMSO and herbal oils in your wrist and shoulder to

improve circulation and reduce inflammation; DMSO is typically

available at a veterinarian's office or supply store, as it's often

used to treat horse's pulled muscles, tendon tears and etc. leg

injuries. It's available in a liquid form or gel -- both useful, but I

prefer the gel for ease of use and holding meds and oils in solution.

Typically dilite with 10 to 50 percent by volume with water to reduce

minor skin irritation such as slight burning sensation, especially in

very sensitive locations -- has a garlicy 'taste' and odor, readily

absorbed into skin and blood and even taste buds, it fairly quickly is

absorbed and passes to all parts of body when applied topically --

small amounts according to common-sense indications-- rubbing or

massage not necessary. I think it should be part of everyone's First

Aid kit to reduce severity of injuries and improve healing -- useful

for burns too, say mixed with aloe vera to improve penetration and

absorbtion. Has been shown to have dramatic benefits when used w/i

twelve hours (sooner is better) for serious neurological injuries; For

a spine-injury, I'd apply it to the general area full strength, even

diluted 90-95 percent with distilled, sterile water via IV,

immediately and continuously

DMSO is pretty benign, repeated studies have found far less side

effects of low-level irritation (some delicate skin sensitivity,

itching and slight burn, reduced/eliminated by diluting with water)

and the minor objection of mild garlicky odor and taste -- than most

other mediaction and treatments, drugs, etc. The AMA has lobbied

against it because it is so effective for informal home-treatment,

first-aid use for many joint-soft tissue injuries, also since it's a

solvent it reduces quantity of medication required when used in


DMSO is a component of most living animals and plants, especially

found in the lignin of trees from which it is distilled and

concentrated from. Web-search and library resources can provide more

information. Definitely hope ya check it out!

I can see how using DMSO in a herbal poultice would be a great

way to aid the bodie's topical absorbtion of the medication -- also,

to prepare a concentrated tincture; As far as that goes, diluted --

say, 50 percent DMSO, in capsules with vitamin M (marijuana), or hashish,

would facilitate the bodies' absorbtion.

This remedy can also be used for:

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Comment: cautions when using dmso

Submit Date: 17 Jun 2006
Author: linda
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cautions when using dmso


dmso will carry anything with it into the skin so make sure the

area to be treated and hands are very clean.

also, do not allow fabric with dyes to come in contact

until after the dmso is absorbed and dries.

Comment: DMSO can also be used for brain cancer

Submit Date: 07 May 2003
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DMSO can also be used for brain cancer

Once met a dude who was treating his brain cancer with DMSO he would put

DMSO on his scalp. He claimed it was working.