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Stress and the Rhodiola Herb cure

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Remedy Description

The yellow roots of Rhodiola rosea made into a tincture is reported to

reduce stress, and improve your memory and boost mental and physical

energy. It was sent to Russian soldiers in afghanistan in care packages

from home. The root is also used in Scandinavia and Iceland. Medical

students have used it to help them study. Even the Vikings used it to

enhance endurance. China and the Rommans have also used the herb in

their medicines.

Animal studies indicate that it r4educes lefels of the stress hormone

cortisol while optimizing key brain chemicals involved in mood. It

also boosts systehesis of a molecule known as ATP which the cells need

to produce energy.

No side effects are known... only side benefits.

Andrew Weil, noted herbalist has been taking the herb for 6 months

notes "increased energy but nothing dramatic". Radio host Liz Sterling of

Boca Raton, Fla clams that after taking it for 2 months "its as if my

shoulders have bowered, and the stress just rolls off"






Reliable brands at present include Artic Root, Rosavin, Rhodax, Clear

Energy and Longevia which cost $20 to $50 for a months supply.

Look for bottles that say Rhodiola rosa and not Rhodiola sacra or other

rhodiola species as these lack the active rosavin compounds

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