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Crying baby cure

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Submit Date: 07 Feb 2003
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Remedy Description

I heard that some american indian tibes taught their

children not to cry in a anthropolgy class i took years ago.

It was important that they teach their children not to cry

because crying:

1) scrare off animals that the tribe hunted;

2) alert enemy tribes to the presence of the the tribe;

3) crying allows the children to manipulate the parents.

It was acceptible for children to cry when there was a need

such a sorrow and morining but not to get what you wanted.

Unlike todays two parent families, when a child was born to a

tribal family. It had as parents all the adults in the tribe

and hundreds of sisters and brothers and many grandparents.

To teach the baby not to cry on day one minute one after the

child was born, they would make sure the child was safe

(ie secure in is bundling) ... then leave it alone in the

lodge.. tepee.. till it stopped crying.. this could take

several hours. The next lesson would be to stop the baby from

crawling or falling into the firepit which was in the middle

of the tepee. To do this they would burn one of the babies

fingers. Of course, the baby would start crying again,

and the parents would leave the baby alone.

Its harder to brake a child of the "crying to manipulate the

parents" but it can be done. Once i took a mother a her

2 daughters to visit a waterfall. The waterfall was in a

canyon. It was about a 25 minute walk to a viewpoint to see

the waterfalls. The mother carried the baby, but i refused to carry the

other child since she was old enough to walk. She started

crying to get me to carry her. I refused and told her, that

her crying made nice echoes off the canyone walls. After about

15 minutes she gave up crying and enjoyed the walk and

the waterfall. We were alone in the park. Two inches of snow

had fallen and chased everyone away. This was very strange

as it was part of the National Park System Lyville Falls on

the Blue Ridge Sky Parkway.

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Comment: R U kidding me?

Submit Date: 16 Jun 2003
Email Address: jnickell2@yahoo.com
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R U kidding me?

I am appauled by the notion that one would leave their newborn to cry. Crying

at this age is not utilized by a baby to "manipulate" their parents. For the

love of god people, can you honestly say that a day-old infant can manipulate

their parents by crying. Get real, this is a response to a physiological need

and by holding your children it gives them the comfort of knowing that their

mother or father loves them. Come on get with the program.

Comment: Oh Please! American's are too soft!

Submit Date: 14 Jan 2010
Author: unknown
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Oh Please! American's are too soft!


Lady, you must be a tree hugger from the portland or Seattle area. Native

children were fine before the plague called white people came to the

America's. What a great concept and you should get with the program. I'm

sure when your kids grow up they will leave you in an old folks home. Isn't

that what you American's teach your children anyways? Maybe we should learn

something from the past on this one. This has nothing to do with a lack of

loving on their part. This is actually the ultimate love. If their kids

scared their only food source away or let a rival tribe know where they are,

they could have been killed. America has gotten too soft. Time to raise our

kids to become warriors and not these tea drinking panzies that the British

tried to convert us into.

The person also forgot to mention the pinch method. They would actually pinch

their kids when they cried as well. This taught them to keep their mouths




well if you don't like the "leave the crybaby alone" or the "pinch" method

you can try the Hazda African "cut" method. Haza's live in Tanzania in Africa and are one the last hunter/gathers cultures left on the planet.

Check out their story in National Geographic Magazine, December 2009, p. 94

In this method you cut the childs face with small cuts on their checks beneath their eyes. Their tears make their cuts sting. A excellent way to stop crying. The cuts later grow into nice scars.

Comment: Incorrect method of Native Americans was described.

Submit Date: 14 Oct 2012
Author: JNW
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Incorrect method of Native Americans was described.


The method described for how Native Americans taught their children to mew

instead of squall is not completely accurate. Yes they ignored a child if it

wailed for no reason (if a child was safe, fed, and clean and crying to cry-

which yes they do this) but there was also pressure technique. As a child cried

the person comforting the child would hold a cloth lightly over it's nose to

encourage the child to mouth breath and whimper rather than wail. This was not

painful and is like holding a tissue to a child's stuffed up nose. This was

done every time a child cried. It took only a few days to realize when it


rather than squalled it received what it was calling for. Simple and painless.

For some interesting reading on this topic check out the article.


Editor: There is not one method that all the US indian tribes used to

control children crying. There were/are many different Indian tribes in

the US and hence there was probably several different methods the different tribes used to control crying.

Also there are/were many different Native tribes living all over the

planet also using different methods to control their tribes crying children.

For example, the African Hazda tribe would make a "cut" below the eye to

catch the tears from crying. See above comment.