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Weight loss and the belly rub cure

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Remedy Source: The Complete System of Self Healing, Internal Exercises by Dr. Stephen Chang
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Remedy Description

This chinese exersize is recommended for weight loss...

The Stomache Rubbing exercise is part of the Crane exercise, which is part

of the Internal Exercises of Tai Chi. The exercises, where the froms

flow from one into another, which you most often

see when people perform Tai Chi are called the Exteneral exercises.


The Complete System of Self Healing, Internal Exercises by Dr. Stephen

Chang, Tao Publishing, 1986, pp 108-113


"1. Begin by lying down flat on your back. Relax.

2. Put the palm of your hand on your navel. (If you are right handed

use your right hand; if left handed use your left hand) Then start to

rub clockwise from the center--that is, from the right to the left--

first in small circles and then gradually expand the movement untill

the upper and lower limits of the stomach and abdomen are being rubbed

(see figure 48a)

3 When you have completed the first movement, then reverse it,

rubbing counterclockwise in smaller and smaller circles until you are

back to the center of the navel. You need not press down with any

force. Apply a sligh pressure as you rub slowly.

4. Repeat this clockwise and counterclockwise motion as mnay times as you


Note: A brisker versin of the Somach Rubbing Esercise also exists.

You may begin this exercise by rubbing the palms of the hands togeher

vigorously and placing the hands, palms down, on the lower abdomen so that

they lie on either side of the navel. Now begin to rub both sides of the

abdomen briskly, following the pattern depicted in figure 49. Rub so that

both hands meet near the navel on the downswing. Keep on rubbing until the

friction heats up the abdominal tissues. You may repeat this exersize as

many times as you wish. This version of the exercise brings more

stimulation and energy to the abdomen than the regular versin, so it can

be used for debilitating diseases of the internal organs and peristalic

problems. It is especially good for trimming down the girth.

When you rub in a clockwise direction--which again, is from your right to

your left in gradually widening circles-- you are encouraging proper and

easeful bowel movements. Quite often constipation is a sysmptom

indicating that the large intestine is over-functioning. The largte

intestine is absorbing too much water from the waste matter as it passes

throuh on its way to the rectum. This causes the waste matter to be

compacted to the point where the normal peristalic activity of the large

intestine is not sufficient to expel the waste matter. Constipation

results and fecal material that would normally have been passed on through

the anus are stored in the body. The clockwise action augments the

peristaltic activity and slows down the water removal process down to

normal levels.

Rubbing in the counterclockwise motion has the opposite effect-- that of

helping to soldify fecal material as it passes through the intestine

(see figure 48b) It does this by stimulatin g the passage of water from

the large intestine to the kidneys.

In addition to the rubbing motion, the exercise also utilizes the

pratctioners's sensory powers. When you do the exercise, use your

imaginative pwoers to feel that the energy is coming form your hand and

penetrating into the skin and organs underneath. You should feel that

the energy is being retained and that it is heating up your abdominal

tissues. As more energy penetrates your body, the area around your navel

will begin to burn as if a fire has been started within your tissues. ...

Achieving this senastation requires a great deal of concentratin and

patience, and it should be done every time you do the exercise.

Rubbing the abdomen in both clockwise and counterclockwise directins will

help stomach ulcers. One case demostrating the exercise's effiaciousness

is that of a 96 year old Chinese senator. He tackles his duites with

more enthusiasm and energy than people one-forth his age. He is also

actively involved in many different activities. Yet, he is never sick.

His blood pressure, checked every morning by a goverment appointed nurse,

is always normal. When admires ask him about his secret of youth. he

tells them a story about a youthful experience.

As a young man, he suffered from painful stomach ulcers, tuberculosis, and

other diseases. When he served in the army, he sought medical help from

doctors wherver he was staioned. Then one day, domeone told him about a

famous, aged healer who lived deep in the mountains. So he made an

appointment with the healer and struggled over the rocky terrain to see

him. Having reached his destination, the yough man greeted the healer

and beagan a monologue about himself and his problems. But the old man

continued to meditate and seemed to ignore the visitor; he did not open

his eyes or speak. Finally, the healer uttered, "Go home and rub your

stomach." Further questioning drew no no replies. Disappointed at the

simple remark, the young man sturggled home. Back home, disappointment,

exhaustion, and anger caused the ulcer to flare up again. Left with no

alternative, the young man relcutantly rubbed his stomach. Immediately the

pain faded away. Encouraged, he began to rub his stomach faithrfully

A few months later, the ulcer completely disappeared. Gradually the

turberculosis disapperared also. His health ijproved daily. Seventy

years later he still rubs his sotmach daily, after every meal and whenever

he feels uncomfortable."

The Stomach rubbing exersize is also good for constipation, liver

cancer pain, stomach ulcers, upset stomache, belly aches, and acid reflux.

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Editor: Instead of using your palms a round stone, a small rubber ball,

or chinese iron balls can be used in this exersize

This remedy can also be used for:

constipation, liver, cure all

cancer pain, stomach ulcers, upset stomache,

tuberculosis, belly aches, and acid reflux.