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PMS and depression a personal insight

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Remedy Description

My Experience with PMS: More Questions than Answers

by momaearth


Before I got pregnant with James I had long standing very severe PMS

related depression. After becoming pregnant this miraculously lifted and I

continued to feel better after giving birth. Since then, I have had some

mild depression, but nothing like it used to be(knock on wood). Yet some

women experience the opposite. They felt fine until they got pregnant or

gave birth; then they experience depression that sometimes takes years to

come out of.

It used to be that almost every month right after ovulation I would get

severely depressed, increasingly until the day before or of my period I

would be suicidal. I knew the pattern, but the feelings were so

overwhelming and intense that no logical thinking would help. I would also

sometimes become overly energetic and optimistic, always during ovulation.

This problem got worse, culminating in my late twenties.

The strange thing is that I told several psychiatrists about the pattern,

yet none of them would acknowledge or diagnose this as PMS, nor would they

address it this way medically. Because my problem was so severe, they

wanted "bigger" labels like Major Depression and Manic Depression. The

drugs they gave me never directly addressed the hormonal fluctuations I

had. Nor did these drugs help me in any way.

They still treat PMS with SSRI's (Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors

e.g., prozac, paxil,) often to the exclusion of any other treatment

options. It's been shown that seratonin levels drop during the last phase

of the menstrual cycle in women with PMS. This drop in seratonin does not

seem to be the cause of PMS, rather an effect of PMS, which compounds the

problem. I don't think the doctors or pharmaceutical companies are

directly addressing what is going on in PMS. Although it may seem like the

medical community knows a lot about the chemicals and hormones in our

brain and body, I think they only understand a small fraction, if that, of

what is going on. If you read the forewords and prefaces to neuroscience

texts and journals you'll find that this fact is known and admitted.

Many doctors tell their patients that they have a chemical imbalance and

will probably have to be on meds for the rest of their lives. I've heard

them say this to me and many other people. This is so wrong! For one

thing, the long term and sometimes immediate outcome of many of these meds

is worse than the original affliction. Another reason is that attitude or

mind set has been shown to do wonders in healing all sorts of physical

conditions in the body. We can change our mind set. I can't claim to have

a formula for this because we are all unique.

For some, healing occurs over time; for others something just clicks and

there is spontaneous healing. But the chemicals and hormones definitely do

shift in response to physical changes in our body, thoughts, feelings and

spiritual experiences. The holistic healing approach cannot be denied even

by current medical scientific researchers. There is definitely healing

that occurs and crosses over the imaginary lines between the mind, body

and spirit.

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