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Aphrodisiacs and Sea Horses cure

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Submit Date: 19 Jan 2003
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Treatment used: sea horse
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Remedy Source: US News & World Report, !-20-2003, p 66.
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Remedy Description

Traditional chinese medicine uses dried sea horses as a cure sexual

dysfunction. However, sea horses have been recently listed by

the UN as a Endagered Species.

Sea horses are believed to lower cholesterok , cure incontinence,

asthma, skin disease, and help mend broken bones. The roman historian

Pliny the ELder recorded their use for leprosy and baldness.

More than 25 millin sea horses are caught dried and sold for use in

traditional chinese medicine and as decorative curios, or sold live

to acquiriums worldwide. Sea horses sell for as US acquarium

pets. They are also as dried curios in USA Michaels sotres.

Sea Horse populations have plunged 15% to 50% from 1990 to 1995 and

continue to decline, says Amanda Vincent, worlds leading expert on

sea horses. Consequnetly, the UN Convention on International Trade

in Endangered Species (CITES) will require all 160 CITES signatories to

measure their sea horse catch, then set export quotas to procted

threatened species. CITES may also require minimum size limts and

encourage countries to set up marine sanctuaries.

About 95% of the sea horse catch go to chinese apothecaries. According

to Amanda Vincent shippments of seahorses to asian ports rose from

40 metric tons in 1995 to 70 metric tons in 2000. In the Philippine

village of Handumon, the sea horse catch has declined 70% from 1985 to


Sea horses mate for life. The female also impregnates the male. He

fertilizes the eggs, and later gives birth to 1,500 baby sea horses.

Their terrority is small, they usally stay in one square meter or to a

single "holdfast". So when a diver captures a partner, it can take

months for the remaining partner to find another mate.

Research funded by Viagras maker, Pfizer, on apothecaries in Hong Kong,

has found a 4.5% decline in sea horse sales, after Viagras introduction.

However, Chinese prefer herbs to pills, so viagra will not save the sea


Editor: However, their are herbal alternatives to dried sea horses used

for sexual dysfunction: yohimbe bark and egyptian blue lotus flower.

which are effective and cost considerably less than viagra.

Research also has to be done as to why the seahorses are effective


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