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Aphrodisiacs and AMA drugs:Levodopa, Selegiline, Testosterone, and Viagra

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Submit Date: 19 Jan 2003
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Treatment used: levodopa, selegiline, testosterone, viagra
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Remedy Source: "Ask the Doctor", 1-19-2003, newspaper column by Dr Peter Groff,
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Remedy Description

According to Dr. Peter Groff:

"Modern medical science has come up

with 4 drugs that improve sexual interest and/or ability:

1) Levodopa used in the tretment of Parkinson's disease, this medication

often improves sexual functioning in the elderly.

2) Selegiline. Useful in slowing the development of Parkinson' disease

this medication enhances sexual ability without side effects or harm.

Studies are being performed to test whether the drug may someday be

used to counteract the waning sexual interest and ability so prevalent

in the elderly.

3) Testosterone. Helpful only for men who have documented hormone

def9iciency, the drug has not been widely accepted because of the

possiblitity that it may increase the risk of prostrte cancer.

4) Viagra. This prescription medication has achieved worldwide

recognition as the superior treatment for erectile dysfunction. The

medicine stimulates certain muscles to trap blood in the penis, leading to

more satisfactory erections. Although ordinarly safe, it should not be

used by men who are taking nitroglycerine compunds for heart disorders.


The US Food and Drug Administration has concluded that no safe over-

the-counter aphrodisiac is worth the money to pay for it. Most are

harmless. But at least one, cantharidin, also called cantharis can be

lethel. Known under the soriquet of "Spanish Fly", this powder is

prepared by crushing and drying the "blister beetle," which is found in

Near East and Meditterrean countries. Even tiny amounts of this powder,

when ingested , may cause intense inflammation of the uniary tract, a

situation that can lead to genital stimulation. In order to relieve the

discomfort (by "scratching the itch"), some unfortunate victims engage in

extended sex. THe dosn't work. Toxicity, seen as kidney failure and

shock, usually appears in 24 hours"

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