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Excretion: Squaters do it better

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Treatment used: small steeping stool 12 inches high
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Remedy Description

Squat don't sit on your toilet. I use a small foot stool about 12 inches

high to rest my feet on when i defecate. It really makes it easy on my


How it works:

"..When sitting on a toilette, the lower end of the descending colon is

bent, requiring a major muscular effort to evacuate the bowels. The strain

of this effort can burst or clog the minute capillaries that feed the anal

sphincter, causing hemorrhoids to form there. When squatting, the colon

aligns itself naturally ..."

Instead of using a foot stool..you can also build something that goes on

under your feet.


from Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity by Daniel Reid. p 142-143

"Excretion: Squatters surely do it better.

Take a look at nature and you will see that all animals squat to defecate.

Even our closest ancestors, the primates, squat down with their knees drawn

up to their chests when 'nature calls'.

What you may not realize, however, is that even today most human beings

still defecate in this natural manner, especially in Asia, Africa and

the Middle East.

It is only in the industrial West, where the modern toilet was invented,

that people 'sit down' to defecate just as they sit down to eat...and

instead of immediately doing what they came there for, people engage

in reading, writing, and other activities.

No wonder the entire Western world suffers from chronic constipation,

hemorrhoids, bleeding piles and other problems caused by trying to

evacuate the bowels in a sitting position.

While the sit-down toilette may well save your legs the effort

required to squat down properly, it is a device of terrible

torture for your bowels, and the problems it causes are hardly

worth the effort saved.

When sitting on a toilette, the lower end of the descending

colon is bent, requiring a major muscular effort to evacuate

the bowels.

The strain of this effort can burst or clog the minute

capillaries that feed the anal sphincter, causing

hemorrhoids to form there.

When squatting, the colon aligns itself naturally with the

rectum and the anus, which opens completely and

effortlessly in the squatting position.

In this manner no strain is required for evacuation.

You will pass much more feces in a single squatting than

you could possible pass in a single sitting. Owing

to the full spread of the cheeks, squatting also leaves

less of a mess than sitting, so you'll save money

on toilet paper as well!

To squat on a sit-down toilet, simply raise the seat and

stand up on the rim, than squat down slowly until

your knees are pressed against your chest. When barefoot,

squat on the seat instead of the rim. A sink, handle or

shelf nearby may serve as an armrest to help with balance.

If your knees and back are too weak to support your weight

in the squatting position, then build a simple wooden

frame around the toilet with supports for your arms.

Bowel movements are so rapid, efficient, effortless and

voluminous in this posture that once your start

doing it this way you will never again torture your

bowels in the sitting position.

You can also just get a small 12 inch high stool to put

your feet on while you excrete.

The following tips will make the squat work even better

for you. If you suffer chronic gas and constipation, keep

a small steel ball, rubber ball, or round rock near

your bed. First thing in the morning before rising, roll

that ball around your abdomen in the direction of colonic

flow, i.e. from the lower right corner, up to the rib cage,

across the transverse colon, and back down left torwards the rectum.

This is a excellent method for expelling pockets of gas,

loseening impacted feces and stimulating the bowel muscles

to move prior to your first visit to the toliet.

Another good method for alleviating chronic constipation is to

use your fingertips to gently massage the soft region between

the annus and the tip of the spinal column(coccyx). This

directly stimulates the colon and helps the sluggish bowels to

evaculate more thoroughly. In addition, practice the annal

sphincter exersize by rhythmically contracting and relaxing

the spinchter muscle several times a day.

This stimulates the glands in the annus to secrete natural

lubrication, which greatly facilitates movements of dry stools.

This exersize also flushes stale blood from the anal

spinchter, thereby preventing formation of hemorrhoids.

(This massage also massages the prostrate gland in the male,

so you are getting two massages in one)

Last but not least, whenever you feel a need for a laxative,

despite all the above measures, start first with laxative

foods (prune juice) with a dose of psyllium seed husk

soltion. Never use a commercial laxative: they quickly

create chronic dependence with synthetic stimulation of

the bowels, which only makes constipation a chronic

condition. (Also the natural laxatives, like prunce juice

works very slowly and gently)

If you follow these simple suggestions in conjunction with

proper nutrition you will never again suffer constipation and all

the intended ills of toxemia it festers. A clean, unobstructed

colon is one of the most important preresquites on the road

to health and longevity. As the alchemist and prolific Taoist

writer Ko Hung wrote:

Those who adpire to longevity

must keep their bowels clean;

those who wish to delay death

must keep their bowels unobstructed

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