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Aphrodisiacs and yohimbe bark

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Submit Date: 25 Dec 2002
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Treatment used: yohimbe bark
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Country of Remedy: west africa
Remedy Source: Dreambook: The mind's high
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Remedy Description

Yohimbe Bark

Family: Rubiaceae

Genus: Corynanthe

Species: yohimbe

Usage: 6-10 teaspoons of shaved bark are boiled 10 minutes in 1 pt. water,

strained and sipped slowly. Addition of 500 mg of vitamin C per cup makes

it take effect more quickly and potently (probably by forming easily

assimilated ascorbates of the alkaloids). Bark can also be smoked.

Yohimbine hydrochloride, a refined powder version, can also be snuffed.

Also available at many health/herb stores is a liquid extract.

Effects: Called "the most potent aphrodisiac known" and "the only true

aphrodisiac". Whether aphrodisiacs exist outside of mythology or not is a

topic for debate, as is the definition of "aphrodisiac". Anyway, first

effects after 30 minutes (sooner with vitamin C) consist of warm, pleasant

spinal shivers, followed by psychic stimulation, heightening of emotional

and sexual feelings, mild perceptual changes without hallucinations,

sometimes spontaneous erections. Some experience nausea during first 30

minutes. Sexual activity is especially pleasurable. According to one

source "Bantu orgies have been known to last over a week" [Ed: don't they

get hungry?]. Total experience lasts 2-4 hours, however, several

experiences lasting up to 24 hours have been reported. Aftereffects

include pleasant, relaxed feelings with no hangover, but difficulty

sleeping for a few hours (probably largely due to the increased mental


Since they sell the stuff in health food stores and I'm not sure what it's

legitimate uses are, I'm willing to admit that I've tried it. My

experience was worth repeating. This of course constitutes no endorsement

on my part of illegal or legal drugs or of the use of yohimbe for any

reason at all.

I ground about 7 teaspoons of shaved bark in a spice grinder (fresh

grinding seems to help with release of the active ingredients) and then

boiled it in a pint of water for about 10 minutes. The stuff absorbs a lot

of water. Also, when freshly ground, you get some FINE FINE FINE

particles. It took me a good 15 minutes to filter the stuff out through

coffee filters (had to use a bunch of filters because it clogged them up

so bad). The resulting brew was one of the top three worst things I've

ever tasted in my life (the other two being calamus root and an abortive

attempt at a kava kava concoction). It tasted kind of like bile. You can

kill the taste if you put enough honey in the tea, but the aftertaste

never goes away. As soon as you swallow it creeps up your throat; really

gross. The fact that the stuff should be sipped slowly makes this even

worse. I would recommend finding a REAL strong chaser, like pure lemon

juice or maybe a mint leaf--something that obliterates all other taste in

your mouth when you eat/drink/chew it, yet is tolerably pleasant tasting.

I would swig/chew this chaser after every sip of yohimbe tea.

WARNING: The active ingredients in yohimbe are MAO inhibitors.

MAO stands for MonoAmine Oxidase, an enzyme that breaks down certain

amines and renders them ineffective. MAO inhibitors, then, are substances

that interfere with the action of monoamine oxidase, leaving the amines

intact. If the amines in question are dangerous, they can cause nasty--

even deadly--side effects. Furthermore, it is dangerous to combine MAO

inhibitors. If you are taking a prescription drug that is an MAO

inhibitor, like prozac or most anti-depressants, avoid using any substance

listed as an MAO inhibitor here.

The bottom line is this: when using an MAO inhibiting drug, don't ingest

anything that contains potentially dangerous amines, or any other MAO

inhibitor. If a substance is listed as an MAO inhibitor here, it may be

dangerous when used in combination with any of the following substances:






amphetamines (even diet pills)





dill oil

parsley oil

wild fennel oil


coffee (or any substance that contains large amounts of caffeine)

aged cheeses

any tyrosine-containing food

any other MAO inhibitor

User's account:

Anyway, I took the tea with vitamin C. About 20 minutes after I got done

drinking it I felt some mild nausea (more in my throat than in my

stomach), some mellow trippy effects (just mostly weird thoughts and vivid

mental images--nothing near a hallucination, no LSD-like mind racing),

also had some speedy effects (like being on 500 mg of caffeine--jitters,

etc) and started getting a little "pressure" in the groin region. To make

a long story short, the nausea was a bummer, and sex was incredible.

Yohimbe completely changes the meaning of the word "orgasm" for men,

anyway. I have no idea what a woman's reaction to it would be.

The sexual effects lasted about 4 hours (only because I was getting

tired :^); the speedy effects decreased earlier than that, but I couldn't

sleep at all that night (even when I was ready to), and I'm sure it was

because of the yohimbe.

I also recently tried the yohimbe extract that they sell in health food

stores. The stuff costs about /oz. It comes in one ounce bottles with

screw-on eye-dropper caps. Recommended dose on the bottle is 3-20 drops up

to three times a day. First time I tried it I took 35 drops with

absolutely no effects. Recently, I took 100 drops mixed in orange juice.

The stuff is tasteless in minute quantities, but at 100 drops/~8 oz. of

OJ, it added a mildly bitter taste. Not too bad, tho--1000x better than

the tea. Anyway, it didn't do anything, so I took another 50 drops, then

another 50, and still no effects whatsoever. I wonder if the extract is

even active.

I would advise yohimbe experimenters to use the tea form, and start out

with 4 or five teaspoons of fresh ground bark, as the effects of 7

teaspoons were quite pronounced in me, and I am a 200 lb. male with a high

tolerance for everything.

Interaction precautions: MAO inhibitor.

Active Constituents: Yohimbine, yohimbiline, ajmaline. (Note that yohimBE

is the plant; yohimBINE is one of the chemical principles found in the


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Comment: Not for females

Submit Date: 14 Feb 2009
Author: Anonymous
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Not for females


Yohimbe is a testosterone booster, and I do not recommend that females ever try

it, regardless of any potential aphrodisiac effects.

This stuff will put hair on your chest. Or at least your face. Literally.

Comment: Take with 2,000 mg of Vitamin C

Submit Date: 03 Feb 2003
Author: xxxx
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Take with 2,000 mg of Vitamin C


To avoid the bad taste I took this remedy with 2,000 mg of Vitamin

C. The C killed the bad taste. I recommend sipping the tea and

taking just a little of yohimbe at 5 teaspoons. Also don't try any

vigourous activities...I climbed some stairs and my heart really

got to pumping. I definetly got a hard on and a strong body high

from yohimbe.