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Ringworm and the bleach cure

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Submit Date: 25 Dec 2002
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Author: shorty
Email Address: Sunlight9187@hotmail.com
Treatment used: bleach
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Remedy Description

I know this also sounds weird but it works. if u have a ringworm just

apply bleach on the infected patch. Trust me it works wonders. And i know

what your thinking is it going to burn! No it won't! I have heard it from

other people and i have tried it myself. you can even try looking on other

sites for home remedies. i have and most of them say bleach. it dries the

ringworm out. That's how ringworms go away is by drying out.

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Comment: bleach can be dangerous

Submit Date: 17 Apr 2004
Author: none
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bleach can be dangerous


when discussing ringworm it should not be referred to as A ringworm since it is

caused by many different fungal elements. by referring to ringworm as a

ringworm it discredits the author. plus bleach is a highly costic chemical, and

to advise someone to place it on their skin is very dangerous. this chemical

can cause severe chemical burns especially on children and those with sensitive

skin. To treat ringworm or athletes foot, or jock itch, they are all caused by

the same organisms, purchase an antifungal cream such as clotrimazole or

lamisil. they are not that expensive and will treat the infection without

damaging side effects.


Editor: Bleach can have its uses on the skin, I have used bleach to get rid of a

cluster of warts on my foot that I had on my foot for years... after many remedies



Submit Date: 08 Apr 2008
Author: shorty
Email Address: reasons222@hotmail.com
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How long do you have to leave bleach on the infected area??...Please write



Editor: leave bleach on till next appllication of bleach...from description

it sounds like you do it once a day till its gone

Comment: Bleach Skin

Submit Date: 28 Jun 2009
Author: Steve
Email Address: none
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Bleach Skin


In a recent study published in the May 1st, issue of Pediatrics a group of

researchers from the United States studied the role of diluted bleach baths

versus placebo in 31 children (22 completed the study) with moderate to severe

atopic dermatitis. All the children received first an oral course of cephalexin,

and were instructed to use intranasal mupirocin ointment during the study. The

children in the treatment arm had to soak in diluted bleach baths (half a cup of

bleach in a tub) for five to 10 minutes, twice a week; while the control

(placebo arm) had to do the same with plain water. The children were evaluated

at 1 to 3 months for different parameters of eczema severity and S. aureus

colonization. The researchers found that children treated with the diluted

bleach baths had a reduction in eczema severity that was five times greater than

those in the placebo group, with improvements only seen in the body (submerged

in the bleach baths) but not the head and neck. The bleach baths were very well



I use 1 to 2 cups of Bleach in my bath every night my skin is baby smooth,

I have no skin problems, And have cured my Rosacea no lie