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Toothache and the Boil-Ease Pain Relieving Ointment cure

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Submit Date: 24 Dec 2002
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Author: tanisha c. perez
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Treatment used: maximum stegnth boil-ease pain relieving ointment
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Remedy Source: International Student Home Remedies Project
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Remedy Description

Ingredients: Maximum Stegnth Boil-Ease Pain Relieving Ointment

A tooth on my lower row had a piece break away and it caused me much pain.

Since I have no insurance nor the funds to pay for a dental visit i

referred to your web page for some help. I tried the cloves and the teas

and what nots, but nothing seemed to work. After reading one of the

suggestions about the gold bondcream, I thought I had some in my medicine

cabinet, but instead i took a look at my boil cream and found that it

contained 20% benzocaine. After filling the hole the tooth with some

filling wax from Walgreens, I applied some of the boil-ease to my cheek

and about 15 minutes later my had gone away. I suffered for 3 days and it

was gone. I must warn that boil-ease does not want you to use this product

on boilson the cheek, it didn't say anything about a toothache and plus I

don't have a boil on my cheek. I've been pain free for 3 days now going


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