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Ticks and Vitamin B1 and Thiamine cure

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Submit Date: 07 May 2002
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Treatment used: b1 vitamin & thaimine
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Remedy Source: Natural home remedies, Mark Brcklin, Rodales Press, 1982
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Remedy Description

Eat one B1 vitamin, thiamine, tablet daily to ward off ticks

and fleas. This remedy also works on pets. Add one rounded

teaspoon per 50 lbs of weight to each meal. Aslo add garlic

to the dogs diet.

B1 can be found in brewers yeast, but not in bakers yeast.

Commercially, they fortify brewers yeast with b1.

how it works:

"When excess b1 is consumed it is excreeted through the skin, and

the bugs can't stand the oder. It doesn't kill the bugs.."

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