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altitude sickness. and the ibuprofen cure

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Remedy Source: "Mt WHITNEY IN A Day DAY", slo Tribune of slo, "Sunday living Section", August 5, 2010
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"Mt WHITNEY IN A Day DAY", slo Tribune of slo, "Sunday living Section", August 5, 2010




One of the best things I did was follow advice of recent research by doctors at Stanford

University, UC San Diego and the University of Hawaii. Their finding (Annals of Emergency

Medicine, June 2012) was that taking 600 milligrams of ibuprofen every four hours would

limit the effects of altitude sickness.

I began taking that dosage at 8 the night before my groupís hike. I took my next dose at

midnight, when I got up, then every four hours thereafter. Sure enough, I had no headache

or fuzzy feeling due to altitude. And a side benefit was the anti-inflammation help for my

53-year-old knees and hips

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minor pain