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Cancer and the Kombucha mushroom tea cure

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Treatment used: kombucha mushroom tea
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Remedy Source: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/episodes/the-venom-cure/video-copperhead-venom-and-cancer-research/4419/
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I personally knew someone who CURED himself COMPLETELY OF THYROID CANCER using “Kombucha mushroom tea” which is easily obtainable and can be grown in one’s own

home as well (also know a lady who cured herself of breast cancer using various herbs). But Kombucha mushroom tea is well known in hollistic circles to have

many benefits for maintaining health in not just humans, but also dogs and horses. You won’t hear the benefits of this on the news, doubtfully in any mainstream

publication, if you hear about it at all you will hear mostly hysteria about it from the FDA warning people not to use it. In rare cases it is dangerous but

only when it has been contaminated by mold. Please, if you have cancer, or not, look up Kombucha mushroom tea and read about it(i recommend happyherbalist com –

fyi, I have no affiliation with them)

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