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Diabetes and the raw honey

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Treatment used: raw unboiled honey
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"Many instances have been reported where honey was well tolerated by diabetics and

supplied them with required energy. In 1933, after the author had published a

questionnaire to bee-keepers through the courtesy of apicultural journals, to obtain

information about the effects of bee stings, especially about their remedial value in

rheumatic and arthritic conditions, many correspondents volunteered illuminating reports

about the medicinal value of honey. Some of these communications state that honey has been

used by them in hopeless diabetic conditions with the best success and resulted in cures.

Some reports are very instructive. Mr. G. J., of Kaukauna, Wisconsin, writes, "I am a

railroad engineer by trade, but I became a diabetes victim and I had to re-sign my job

because I fell away to nothing. The doctors gave me up and proclaimed that there was no

hope for me. Then I made up my mind to take up a diet that I asked for but the doctors

refused and here it is:

Spinach, raw or cooked, mostly raw.

Lettuce, sweetened with honey and lime juice.

Raw carrots, washed, brushed and grated, sweetened with honey to taste.

Raw cabbage salad with lime juice and honey.

Ripe tomatoes, raw or canned, sweetened with honey. Whole wheat bread.

"Began this diet in 1922 and at the end of 1923 the doctors could not find a trace of

sugar, though several of them have tested me to satisfy their curiosity. I am now past 65,

eat any-thing on the table, and will do as much work as any man of my age, if not more,

after going through two railroad wrecks and being picked up twice for dead. Whisky was not

the cause of the wrecks, for I do not touch the cursed stuff.

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