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Colds and the singapore mint oil, menthol sweat tcure

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Submit Date: 22 Dec 2002
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Author: phuongtruong
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Treatment used: singapore mint oil, menthol sweat
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Country of Remedy: singapore
Remedy Source: International Student Home Remedies Project
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Remedy Description

Ingredients :

-Singapore mint oil


-a small coin with a small wood handle we call "do cao gio"

-one full pot of water,

-a big blanket.

First you take a pot full of boiling water, then you put this pot on floor

add four or five drops of Singapore mint oil menthol to the pot, if you

like it hotter, you can add more oil menthol, depending on you. Cover the

pot and yourself including the head with a big blanket, wait until you

sweat, remember you should inhale the steam from the pot, after that you

will feel fresh and good.

The second remedy is to use a small coin with a small wood made handle

attach to one side of the coin "do cao gio", you rub it on the skin on

your back with mint oil menthol, until the skin turns red ,you may see it

as a black or purple mark, if you have a serious cold. after that take a

good rest. you will feel a lot better the next day. In Viet Nam, when the

people has a cold, they like to use these remedies, I recomended you to

try it. It can relieve your sickness very fast.

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