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Flu and the apache indian chili pod cure

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Submit Date: 22 Dec 2002
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Author: crisosto pena
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Treatment used: chili pods
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Country of Remedy: mexico
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Remedy Description

My father, Crisosto Pena, a Mexican Apache, believed that chile could cure

anything. He said that it was packed full of vitamins and therefore a cure-all,

especially for colds.

One day he returned from work and found his wife and five children in bed with

the flu. He felt so bad for them that he took out the bag of hot chile pods and

soaked them in hot water for 15 minutes. Then he put them into a grinder and

ground them with the water they were soaked in. He gave each one of his family

members a spoonful with a piece of tortilla. About an hour later the family was

moving about. The children were out playing around, and his wife was cooking


From that day on, I too believe that chile is a cure-all, especially for colds.

As a preventive medicine, you can mix the chile with garlic and onions. It not

only tastes good, but also keeps colds away.

Told by I.M. Crisosto Pena, daughter of Crisosto Pena, and the great great

granddaughter of Geronimo.

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