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OsteoValin and the osteoporosis cure

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Submit Date: 10 Feb 2009
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Remedy Source: "Ask the Doctor", Dr. Peter Gott, Newspaper Columnist, Feb 9, 2009
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Remedy Description

Source: "Ask the Doctor", Dr. Peter Gott, Newspaper Columnist, Feb 9, 2009

Link: http://www.montereyherald.com/health/ci_11662455


Dear Dr. Gott:

Being an avid reader of your column, I feel compelled to share information with readers interested in alternative therapies for osteoporosis.

After experiencing jaw problems from using Fosamax, I found a great natural product that is affordable and works well. Called OsteoValin (osteoval carbonate

forte), it is manufactured by the Carter-Reed Co. It is not a calcium supplement. It is supposed to be taken in addition to a bone-health regimen. It assists

the body in building new bone mass while reducing bone loss.

I have been using the product for 18 months, along with a quality calcium/magnesium supplement, and my last bone-density test showed great results. For me,

there have been no side effects. OsteoValin can be ordered by calling 800-898-5153. Their customer service is excellent, and they won't try to sell other

products to you.


Dear Reader: I have no experience with this product, having never even heard of it before your letter. You were kind enough to enclose a pamphlet on the

supplement. I also did some brief research on the ingredients in OsteoValin.

According to the pamphlet, the main ingredients are a special blend of strontium carbonate, quercetin and hesperidin.

Quercetin is a plant-based flavonoid. It appears to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Hesperidin is another flavonoid. It is primarily used to improve blood flow and may improve endometriosis, PMS, hemorrhoids and uterine fibroid tumors.

The final main ingredient is strontium carbonate. It is not to be confused with strontium-90, which is radioactive and results from nuclear fallout.

Strontium is found in food, water and in trace amounts in the human skeleton. While I couldn't find anything directly linking strontium carbonate to improved

bone health, I did find several references to medical studies done using strontium ranelate. In 2004, the New England Journal of Medicine published a report

that showed the use of the supplement (in conjunction with calcium and vitamin D) led to early, sustained reductions in vertebral fractures in postmenopausal women.

In addition, strontium ranelate has been approved for the treatment of osteoporosis in the United Kingdom under the name Protelos. Furthermore, in December

2008, the results of a head-to-head study were released in the journal Osteoporosis International that showed that Protelos improved bone volume, whereas

Fosamax did not. The study was small, comprising only 88 postmenopausal women over a period of two years. It was, however, double-blind, meaning the researching

physicians and patients didn't know which medication they were giving or receiving.

While I can't comment on the efficacy of OsteoValin, I also can't argue with your results. Anyone interested in trying the supplement should consult his or her

physician first especially people taking prescription medications

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