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Hungry between meals?... try the chia seeds cure

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Submit Date: 27 Sep 2008
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Treatment used: chia seeds
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Remedy Source: folklre
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Dosage Info:
Typical Dosage: 1/2 teaspoon
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Remedy Description

yes... the famous chia pet.... seeds...works like psyllim .

Chew up half a teaspoon or a couple of pinches of seeds and


But..make sure you chew it up to a liquid in your mouth before

swallowing them. Works great!!!!

The American southwest indians tribes used them...

The apaches scouts used them as belly filling foods

while out scouting

You can buy it from your health food store cheap

at $1.23/oz in the bulk food section

Chia seeds can be used to starve off hunger between

meals on the Dr. Bernstein diabetes solution.

click here to read about Dr B's solution...


more info...


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