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Nail fungus and the vicks VapoRub cure

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Submit Date: 07 Dec 2002
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Treatment used: vicks vaporub
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Remedy Source: "Ask the doctor" a newspaper column by Dr. Peter Gott, May 21, 2003
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Remedy Description

"First, you must trim the affected nail as short as possible to reduce

the "biomass" of the fjungus, which infects the growing portion of the

nail (behind the cutilce) and enlarges as the nail grows. When

I say as "short as possible," that's what I mean. Trim the nail back

either by filing a hard thick nail or by actually cutting the nail as far

back toward the cuticle as you can without pain or bleeding.

(The un-sucess stories I have received usually involve applying the

Vicks to a nail that was yellow, thick and deformed -- without first

cutting the tissue back).

Once you have reduced the area of the nail as far as you feel

confortable doing, apply Vicks VapoRub twice a day to the nail itself,

the cuticle and the toe (or finger). Rub it in well.

If you choose to cover the toes (or fingers) after the application,

fine. In my experience, this is not necessary. If the VapoRub is

sufficiently massaged, there should be relatively little excess.

The good news is that Vicks is breathtakingly cheap -- and safe.

The bad news is that, in advanced cases, the therapy make take

months to be effective -- and may not be effective at all if

the infected nail is thick and yellow. SO, be patient. As the nail

grows out -- increditvly sloly, it seems --- the fungus-free

portion will appear.

For pennies a day, your problem will be solved, without using

tea-soaks (Pau d'Arco) or espensive prescription medicine

This remedy has curred my nail/fingernail funguses...."

from "Ask the doctor", a newspaper column by Dr. Peter Gott,

Editor note:

This remedy also appeared in a Dear Abby column.

You may want to soak your nail in epsom salts, for 15 minutes,

before trimming your nails, this will soften the thick nail,

then trim the nail, then aplly the vicks VapoRub.

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Comment: Vick's VapoRub cure for nail fungus

Submit Date: 19 Dec 2009
Author: Sasssy
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Vick's VapoRub cure for nail fungus


My 32 year old cousin had to have a liver transplant due to using an oral

medication for nail fungus. Vick's VapoRub is a much better alternative.