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Mentall Illness and the Indian Snakeroot Cure

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Treatment used: snakeroot
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Remedy Description

Indian Avuredic medicine (a tradition of oral medicine passed

on orally for thousands of years before being first written

down in 600 B.C.) snake root(rauwolfia serpentina)

was used to treat bites by posionus

reptiles and insects, insomnia, mental illness, diarrhera,

dysentary, fight fever, and to cause contractins of the

uterus. Today, villagers in India give it to their chiledren

to help them sleep..

It is also used for meditation. Ghandhi is said to have

chewed on chewed on snakeroot while meditating. He also

drank a tea made from snakeroot before going to bed.

The root has 500 alakaolids of which the western science

used only one. This is typical of western science.

(Hey, you got to cut costs somewhere i guess. You gotta pay those

Researchers big bucks) So instead you, isolate the plant down to

the one alakaloid and throw out the rest. Ignore the

intereactins of the the other chemicals in the plant.

Snakeroot was used for treting people with mental illness

for thousands of years in India. Wheras, Western Science

prefered using the latest technology; Lombotomy, surgical removal

of the brain or straight jackets and restriants;

They could not believe that a medicine would bring about changes

in a patient.

So, when western science, back in the 1950's, saw that snakeroot

actually worked in treating mental illness they were blown away

and invented scores of similar drugs for treating mental illness

that we use today. Prior to the use of drugs western science

really had no cure for mental illness..

Snakeroot was a revelation... and the start of

psychotic drugs. Psychotic drugs do not have the full strength and

interaction of all the chemicals found in snakeroot..

The primary alakolid in snakeroot is reperine. it acts on

the sympathetic nervous system to reduce vascular resistence

and reduce the heart rate. The term "tranquilizer" was used

by western scientist to describe it effects on the central

nevrous system.. Resperine is still used to treat high

blood presure and as a tranquiler.

Mahatma Gahdhi chewed snakeroot

"The great value of snakeroot lies in its not requiring

to be administered in critcal dosages, rare side efects, non-habit

forming, without withdrawal symptoms or contraindiction"

--James Duke, PHD

Interesting, resperine in western medicine is not give to some

mental illness as the AMA claims it leads to psychoitic

depression and suicide and affects blood pressure.

Snakeroot and mongoose myth:

The mongooses have been observed to eat sankeroot before fighting

with cobras. This is a rummor. The mongose fluffs out its

hair while fighting, and the cobra's fangs are short.

This remedy can also be used for:

sleeping aid, reptiles and insects, insomnia, mental illness, diarrhera,

dysentary, fight fever, and to cause contractions of the

uterus, sleeplessness, sleep