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Liver damage and milk thistle

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Treatment used: milk thistle
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Remedy Description

Milk thistle is very good for a weak liver. Take one milk thistle tablet

a day. You can buy a bottle of tablets at a drug store.

The liver is one of the few human organs that can repair itself. After live

liver transpant, half the donors organ is given to the recipient, and

the donors organ regenerates in a few weeks.

The liver filters out the posions in the body .. so go light on

soda, alcohol and all drugs if you got a weak liver.

Signs of liver trouble includes juandice (yellowing of the skin),

nausea, light colored stools, fatigue and stomach pain.

Dr Weil recommends thistle and another herb:

"Iíve known a number of patients who have reversed hepatitis C using milk thistle in conjunction with another

natural remedy, Schizandra (Schisandra chinensis), the fruit of a Chinese plant. Schizandra berries, like

milk thistle, are nontoxic and support healthy liver function. I usually recommend them as part of a natural

treatment protocol developed by Dr. Qingcai Zhang in New York. (www.dr-zhang.com) "

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