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Herbs for arthritis and sore muscles

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Treatment used: comfrey,stinging nettle,purple boneset root,sulfur sinquefoi
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Remedy Description

comfrey is the best remedy I have found in ointment therapies.

You can find it at your local herb stores.

It also helps with my fibermyalgia.


Purple boneset root- boil purple boneset and pore into bath water, for arthristis and any muscle and bone aches. Even works for flues and achiness.


Stinging nettle-WOW!!!! This one is excellent, after a bath session of stinging nettle, you won't hurt for a week. It's very hard to work with though, and some

sensitive skins may be allergic to the plant. Find stinging nettle in woods. Boil the whole plant except for the root. Strin the water through mesh collandar.

The water should be bright green. Pour in bath, soak forever.LOL.....


Sulfur sinquefoil- good for sore throats also. The root looks like a sore throat. Use the root of sulfur sinquefoil, although the leaves can be thrown in there

too. The root works best. Grind up root very fine to powder, mix with a little bit of rubbing alcohol, so it keeps, and put in olive oil. Now you have your own

ointment. Do not keep longer than 2 weeks

This remedy can also be used for:

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