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Gas in babies and the peppermint candy cure

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Treatment used: peppermint candy
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Remedy Description

peppermint- they use to sell peppermint drops for gas for babies, they don't anymore.

A pharmasist turned me on to this 20 years ago with my first baby.

Believe it or not, one peppermint candy, the red and white kind, dropped in a babies bottle

of warm water will calm its stomache with in minutes.

If you want to use peppermint oil, be very careful, it is very strong. You use a couple of

drops in a gallon of water, thats boiled. Then refrigerate, for when the little one gets gas.

Throw a little suger in water, to sweeten, or they won't drink it.


Editor: Peppermint is used in a lot of commercial upset relieving stomach medicines.

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