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Willow ...black or white

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WILLOW (Black or White)

(Salix nigra)

(the black is the only variety that grows naturally in east texas, it

has the same properties as the white)

Collect in the Spring as the leaves begin to come out, or in the Fall

as the stems are bright red. Collect the tender new growth/ red twigs.

Try to get the bark totally dry and then powder it, you can actually

powder the whole little twigs for use. Taste the branch tips before you

collect them - if they are bitter/acrid, use it. If not bitter/ acrid,

find a different tree.

Make a strong decoction 2:4, to be drunk freely...results said to last

a long time. Take 1 or 2 double ought (00) capsules of the powdered bark

up to 4 times a day.

The so-called Catkin or Ament, meaning the flower-like thing that

hangs down is an "anti-aphrodisiac" TO CALM SEXUAL DEVIANTS, for which

purpose David Winston in New Jersey uses it regularly.. if details are

needed, Gloria can provide his number to get more information.

John Lust agrees that the catkins are sexual sedatives, using an

infusion. He adds that a fluid extract may be made of the bark to

achieve the same results as with the White Willow Bark. Both barks

alleviate pain and reduces fever and inflammation. It also has

astringent qualities and it used for internal bleeding... is also a

diuretic for gout and "articular rheumatism". He says "it is even said

to be good for heartburn and stomach ailments...a decoction can be used

as a gargle for gum and tonsil inflammation; as an external wash for

eruptions, sores, burns, and wounds; and as a footbath for sweaty feet.

A deodorizing liquid can be made from a solution of Willow Bark mixed

with Borax." But he says to only take 1 cup of the decoction a day, a

mouthful at a time and that a cold extract can be made by soaking 1

tablespoon of the bark in cold water for 8 to 10 hours before straining.

David Hoffman's Herbal Handbook reminds us that any connective tissue

inflammation anywhere in the body would require a deep treatment which

should include Willowbark and is especially efficacious for "rheumatoid

arthritis" especially used with Black Cohosh, Celery seed (and he lists

2 other herbs I don't know). And he points out (with my 100%

concurrence) that a tincture (2 - 4 ml three times daily) may be made

and would work as well as a decoction.

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