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Remedy Description

For a consultation and research contact Waters-singing-on-the-rocks at wsotr@hotmail.com

First, lysteria like all harmful bacteria are basically anaerobic... therefore they can be wiped out in vitro and

in vivo by added oxygen. also the food can be treated by sufficient cooking at sufficiently high heat... also

by preparation (soaking for about 15 minutes) in a solution of water with grapefruit seed extract added

(marketed as nutribiotic), in hydrogen peroxide (at 3%-5% dilution, not at food grade levels which would

be so caustic as to ruin the food), and some say in colloidial silver or in water with 99.9% pure silver

immersed into it...

some also say that magnets can be used to deal with these and other mini critters but i am not so sure about


meanwhile... as far as treating the victims - there are numerous choices... since this list is concerned with

only using Homeopathy, let us look at the symptoms and modalities in order to determine how the vital

force itself is trying to eradicate the little monsters and deal with their effects...

for most intestinal micro-orgaism caused problems - usually include a lot of gas, bloating, diarrhea,

constipation, vomiting...) i choose between arsenicaum, carbo-veg, lobelia, nux vomica, podophylum and


other options include oral use of grapefruit seed extract, properly diluted food-grade hydrogen peroxide,

herbs such as wormwood and - my current favorite herb for most intestinal micro-organisms - chaparro


i have treated tens of thousands of cases of intestinal problems ranging from light to extremely serious and

life-threatening sourced in food and water carrying micro-organisms... several herbs do help (even ginger

and cinnamon help alleviate diarrhea and such) but chaparro armagosa and grapefruit seed extract have

helped more than anything else i have tried...

when faced with multiples so that i couldnt take individual cases to choose homeoapthically... one thing

that did help me choose homeo remedies when faced with hundreds or thousands of such sick folk at one

time was simple symptom comparison- if there was belching and or farting as a big part of the picture, i

went with carbo-veg... if the source seemed to be rotting meat i would choose arsenicum or pyrogenium, if

watery fruits i would choose arsenicum....extremes of vomiting AND diarrhea at the same time, especially

if there was a lot of saliva present would suggest lobelia. if the voit was frothy mucus or empty retching

and there wasa lot of thirst, i would choose podophyllum... if the vomit was almost pure water or contained

coffee ground-like substances i would choose pyrogenium, if the vomit contained blood i would usually

reach for arsenicum... looking here for burning pains in the gut and fear also as part of the arsenicum

picture...nux-v seldom helped when micro-orgaisms were involved...

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