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Herbs for endometriosis

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Remedy Description

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Herbs for endometriosis

First from Micki Jones and Lee Pemberton

Chaste berry (Vitex)

Red clover

FEM-L and KND-L plus vaginal suppositories

Vitex (Vitex Agnus-castus)m - use the berry to target the endocrine and reproductive

systems (female). Corrects female hormonal imbalance, especially if the pituitary is

involved. Use for irregular menstrual cycle, use if more progesterone is needed to help

menopause, combines well with Dong Quai or Black Cohosh. Cleans out uterus after

using birth control pills. Restores fertility. Excellent for endometriosis, uterine and

fibroid tumors, heavy menstrual flow.

Red Clover Buds - (Trifolium pratense) - the leaf is good also though not as strong. Can

use as capsules, tea or tincture. If the latter use 10-40 drops 3 times daily for internal use.

Is high in organic iron, helps us create more red blood-cells and fills them with

hemoglobin to carry iron and oxygen to our individual cells throughout the entire body.

Is used in many treatment formulas for cancer, AIDS, other viral attackers. Externally

good to use on gause covering the entire breast when fibroid cysts are present. Is high in

b vitamin complex, selenium, zinc, copper, magnesium and manganese. Targets all


FEM-L and KND-L formulas, from Micki Jones and Lee Pemberton can be used orally,

topically and as suppositories. See below for description of each.

vaginal suppositories -

Is easier to make up several of these at a time and store in the refrigerator. For each, mix

1 teaspoon of natural, 100% cocoa butter (make real sure there are no additives) with the

herbs of choice. Shape into a tube shape about the size of the fist joint of your ring

finger. Roll it into waxed paper and refrigerate until hard. Remove wax paper and insert

cold (they soften with heat).

For endometriosis and yeast conditions

100% cocoa butter

10 drops FEM-L formula

10 drops Marshmallow

10 drops Lapacho (Pau D'Arco) or 10 drops of KND-L

10 drops Slippery Elm powder.


FEM-L is from Micki Jones and Lee Pemberton -

Red Raspberry Leaf, Partridge Berry, Dong Quai, Marshmallow Root, Ginger Root,

Golden Seal Root. 10-40 drops 3 times daily, internal. Also external use. Targets

reproductive system (female) to cleanse and strengthen uterus, to treat vaginal and uterine

infections and congestion, can be used as douche at 40 drops to 1 cup distilled water.

CAUTION - often causes very heavy bleeding for one cycle as the uterus cleans out.

Take for 4 months then quit for two. Repeat if necessary.


KND-L is from Micki Jones and Lee Pemberton -

Lapacho (Pau D'arco), White Pond Lily, Mathake, Garlic

10-40 drops 3 times daily, internal. Also for external use. Targets all systems, is specific

for yeast infections (start slowly, gradually increase. Can take by teaspoon then

eventually by tablespoon along with acidophilus/bifidus and other probiotics. Insure your

bowel is open with Psyllium or free radical oxygen or whatever system you use. Can be

used as a vaginal douche for yeast,. For cervical irregularities and for endometriosis use

vaginal application. Apply topically for yeast and fungus outbreaks on skin or nails.

Also can be used for Thrush.

CAUTION - bowels must be open.


Mathake is Terminalia catappa - use the leaf for the immune system. Micki and Lee say

10-40 drops tincture 3 times daily internal. Also for external use. They use for yeast,

tuberculosis, kills staph infections as in toxic shock syndrome.


Begin slowly and gradually increase dosage.

Be sure bowels are open or you may develop a skin rash.


James A Duke, Ph.D., author of "the Green Pharmacy" -

in endometriosis, tissue closely resembling the uterine lining (the endometrium) grows

outside the uterus in various locations in the pelvic cavity. This tissue swells and bleeds

in conjunction with a woman's monthly menstrual cycle and may cause pain, nausea,

heavy bleeding, pain during intercourse and occasionally, infertility.

While allopaths usually prescribe synthetic estrogen in the form of birth control pills,

Naturopaths often prescribe natural plant phytoestrogens which are much weaker. In both

therapies the goal is to block the estrogen receptor sites to reduce the effect of the

woman's own hormones. There are diverse theories about the causes of this condition.

Some point to evidence that links it to immune system damage caused by estrogen-like

environmental pollutants such as specific pesticides. Immune-suppressing drugs are also

often considered causative. Tampons and IUDs are also suggested as contributing


Many authorities recommend avoidance of alcohol, dairy foods, caffeine, fried foods, red

meat, commercially-raised chicken, sugar, salt and eggs. These authorities actually

recommend this regimen for virtually anyone suffering from nearly any chronic ill

health. They are probably correct in these suggestions as these foods are probably

unhealthy when eaten often or in large amounts. Red meats, dairy products and eggs can

be found hormone-free in which case I believe they can be kept in the diet of a patient

with endometriosis. Commercial chickens are loaded with estrogen-mimickers. But I

have not seen any proof of a relationship between the salt, sugar, fried foods, or alcohol

with endometriosis.

Soybeans provide two estrogen-like compounds. Soy can be taken as supplements or

easily eaten in the form of tofu, tempeh, miso and soy sauce (I prefer Bragg's liquid

amino acids personally - not fermented like other soy sauces, tastier and more

concentrated so actually cheaper in the long run). Miso, which is fermented in the

processing, is used to season foods or to make sauces or soup stocks. It is inexpensive

and easy to use. My favorite is called Mugi Miso - this is the type that is made with


Lately there has been some information being passed around that purports soy to not be

so very healthy when eaten often in large amounts. But the Asian women eat a good bit

every day and this is also my recommendation. For therapeutic purposes I suggest a

supplement for a few months and then gradually reducing its use to rely instead on diet

for daily maintenance when possible, saving the supplement for days when it is not

possible to eat any soy. Of the two phytoestrogens in soy, Genistein seems to be the most

active and this one is found in most beans, such as pinto, yellow split peas, black-eyed

peas, lima black turtle, mung and kidney beans. In fact, this compound increases its

content when any of these beans are sprouted, which also makes them more digestible.

I heartily endorse Duke's suggestion to simply eat beans as regularly as you possibly can.

And include bean sprouts in sandwiches, salads, sprinkled on soups or casseroles.

However you can consume them on a daily basis. Bean soups are wonderful. Mexican

and Cuban style meals always include a lot of beans.

Alfalfa sprouts also contain phytoestrogens and they are also excellent on salads,

sandwiches and various vegetable casseroles. Do NOT however, eat Alfalfa Sprouts if

you suffer from Lupus as it can act as a triggering substance for susceptible persons.

Evening Primrose (oenothera biennis ) Oil contains gamma-linolenic acid and tryptophan

which promote good health in women especially. Although it is used most commonly to

help treat PMS, it is also considered a specific, by many midwives and herbalists, for

endometriosis as well. Should be used in conjunction with Flaxseed Oil which has a

higher Omega-3 content to help balance the Omega 6 found in the EPO. I recommend 1

tablespoon of each oil taken daily, with meals. Preferably with a sulphur-containing

amino acid such as yogurt or cottage cheese. and the oils taste good mixed with these.

also in a 50-50 mixture with olive oil as a base for salads and pasta.

Flaxseed contains a lot of lignans which have been proven to help control cancer of the

endometrium and the breast. Cancers are overgrowing tissue, so Duke suggests it is a

good bet that these lignans will help with endometriosis as well, though I know of no

studies to back up Duke's opinion.

Duke's other suggestion is one I have not seen anywhere before and it is intriguing at the

very least. He points out that Spanish peanuts contain an abundance of oligomeric

procyanidins, "substances that also may help control hormone-dependent cancers and

possibly endometriosis. And, of course, all peanuts are actually beans, not nuts at all.

They contain many of the same health promoting nutrients that the other beans contain.

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