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Split nails and the Hooflex cure

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Submit Date: 09 Oct 2007
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Treatment used: hooflex cure
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Remedy Source: "Ask the Doctor", Dr. Peter Gott, Newspaper Collumnist, October 8, 2007
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Browse: split fingers and cuts

Remedy Description

Source: "Ask the Doctor", Dr. Peter Gott, Newspaper Collumnist, October 8, 2007

Reader tries horse-strength treatment for split nails

Dear Dr. Gott: You have answered several letters from

people with fingernails or fingertips that

split. I have found something better

than Bag Balm for this condition. The only thing

that has worked for me is Hooflex

from Absorbine.

All right, so ifs a conditioner

meant to "restore healthy

hooves" of horses, not humans.

But if it works, it works.

I put it on the tips of my fingers,

including the nails. Then,

if any skin on the rest of my

hands is red or rough, I smear

it on those areas, too. I follow

up with a regular hand lotion

meant for humans, because

Hooflex is sort of sticky and

greasy, but it is not anywhere

near as sticky as Bag Balm.

Dear Reader: One of the

most consistent problems

shared by my readers is ridg-

ing and splitting of fingernails.

Until now, Bag Balm was my

only therapy. So, readers, treat

your hooves with Hooflex -

and give me a follow-up.


Editor: The chineses believe nail problems are related to your liver

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