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Headaches and how water cure or the dishwashing cure

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Treatment used: hot water
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Remedy Source: Natural home remedies, Mark Brcklin, Rodales Press, 1982
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Remedy Description

Soak or run hot water over your hands.. Migraines are caused by swollen

and dialated blood vesels in the brain. So, when you soak your hands in hot

water, the blood drians from the head rushes to the dialated blood vesesls

in your hands. The blood vessels constrict in your head and your headache

is gone.

"if soaking your hands dosen't do the trick, try taking a hot, really

hot shower. Try to keep your head out of the mainstream of the water,

so the heat is primary being applied to your arms and torso. On leaving

the shower you might want to apply a cold, wet compress to your head

and lie down for a rest"

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Comment: I knew it!!

Submit Date: 03 Oct 2005
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I knew it!!

When I get a bad headache a hot shower really helps. Now I know why. A 12oz

caffiene soda really helps.