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Tapeworm and the oreo cookie cure

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Remedy Description

Anyway, I found out how to get rid of a tapeworm:

Every morning, you shove an Oreo cookie and an apple up your ass.

You keep this up for a week or so.

One day, you shove the apple up your ass, without the Oreo.

When the tapeworm sticks its head out and says, "where's my Oreo?",

you grab it and yank it out.


Another variation of this joke...

Guy goes to his doctor for a tapeworm, but can't take the medication for

it because he is allergic to it. So his doctor does a little research

and comes up with an alternative.

"It's a bit unorthodox," the doc warns him, "But it's guaranteed to

work, and no medication is necessary. Are you willing to try something a

little different?"

"Sure, let's do it. What do I have to do?"

"Well," said the doctor, "tomorrow you come back with a hard boiled egg

and a lemon cookie."

"I'll be here," the guy says.

So the next day he goes to his doctor and his doctor tells him, "Great.

Give me the hard boiled egg and the lemon cookie."

The guy hands him the items.

"Good, now bend over and pull down your pants.


"I told you it was unorthodox. But it's the only way, if you want to

avoid drugs."

"Okay, doc, I guess you know your stuff."

The guy bends over and pulls down his pants.

Schwtt! Hard boiled egg.

The doctor looks at his watch and counts off the seconds.

"1 - 2 - 3" Schwtt! Lemon cookie.

"Okay, we're done," the doc says.

"That's it?" the guy says.

"Yep. That's it." says the doc. "Come back tomorrow. We'll do the same

thing for the next week."

So every day for six days the guy goes to the doctor. Same routine.

Schwtt! Hard boiled egg.

"One, two, three"

Schwtt! Lemon cookie.

On the sixth day, when the guy is leaving the office he says, "See you

tomorrow, doc, with my hard boiled egg and lemon cookie."

"Ah, tomorrow is the final treatment. Tomorrow you bring a hard boiled

egg and a hammer."

"A hard boiled egg and a hammer?" The guy's eyes get real wide.

"Trust me. This will work, and you won't feel a thing," his doctor tells


So the next morning, the guys shows up as usual, bends over and pulls

down his pants.

Schwtt! Hard boiled egg.

The doctor counts off the seconds: "One, two, three four, five, six,

seven, eight ni-"

Tapeworm sticks out his head, says, "Where's my lemon cookie?"


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Comment: Cookie

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I find that I have more luck with chocolate chip cookies.