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Headache and the coat hanger cure

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Submit Date: 09 May 2002
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Author: Meghan O'Keefe
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Treatment used: coat hanger
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Remedy Source: Student International Home Remedies Project
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Remedy Description

I am a migraine sufferer, and this is the one thing that actually helps me. Bend a wire hanger

inward. Put the hanger on your head so that it is very tight. Leave the hanger on for about half an

hour. You might look a little funny with a hanger on your head, but believe me, it works!

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Comment: HOW STUPID! ;o)

Submit Date: 21 Nov 2003
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I could not resist, this is the most ignorant thing I have EVER heard of. Who

would even come up with such a thought? Yes, someone in severe pain, not

thinking logically, obviously. lol This must be a joke!!