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Headache and the salt water in the ears cure from egypt

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Submit Date: 09 May 2002
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Author: Lameed Yassin
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Treatment used: salt water at room temperature.
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Country of Remedy: Egypt
Remedy Source: South Seattle Community College--Student International Home Remedies Project
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Remedy Description

When I was young, I used to get headache when I am exposed to the hot sun

for a long time.

A magical cure that worked most of the time, is to put few drops of salted

water at room temperature in my ears, for a minute or so.

Repeat this about 3 or 4 times for each ear alternatively. If you hear the

water like boiling in your ear, and you feel it hot when it runs out, then

this is a good sign that this will work.

Rest for about 10 minutes in a dark place. The headache sure will disappear.

If any one knows why this work, please post the reason here. I think what

happens is this, the blood is supposed to distribute heat evenly over the body,

when it does not do this properly we get headache. Salt is good heat absorbant,

and the ear drum is thin enough to let the salt absorb some of the heat and

help the body get rid of it. Make sense?

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Comment: Headache cured with salt

Submit Date: 16 Feb 2006
Author: Julie
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Headache cured with salt


I have cured a headache several times by drinking some salt in a glass of water

(perhaps 1/2 teaspoon or so). After a short while it may be gone. The salt in

the ears may also work because the body is salt deficient.